Crackdown on Fake and Illegal Medicines Businesses in Telangana

During the raid, the regulatory team seized medicines worth Rs. 10 lakhs from the Iswarya Fertility Centre pharmacy

Drugs Control Administration DCA Telangana
DCA Telangana


In recent developments, Telangana’s drug control sleuths have intensified their crackdown on fake and illegal medicines businesses, leading to the exposure of a hospital pharmacy operating with a fake drug license.

This revelation has brought to light the alarming issue of unqualified individuals managing the pharmacy without a valid license from the drug control department.

Let’s delve into the details of this illicit operation and the subsequent legal actions taken.

Uncovering the Deceptive Pharmacy

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The pharmacy attached to Iswarya Fertility Centre, located in Malakpet, Hyderabad, was found to lack a valid drug license and a registered pharmacist to oversee the handling and dispensing of medicines.

Shockingly, both the drug license and pharmacist registration certificates were identified as fabricated during a thorough inspection by drug control officials in Hyderabad.

Seizure and Legal Action

During the raid, the regulatory team seized medicines worth Rs. 10 lakhs from the Iswarya Fertility Centre pharmacy.

Legal action has been initiated against the hospital, operating the pharmacy under the name Iswarya Fertility Services Pvt Ltd, utilizing forged documents for both the drug license and pharmacist registration.

Fabricated Documentation

The hospital’s administrative officer produced a fake license document during the raid, which, upon verification with the drug control department’s approval database, was confirmed as fraudulent.

Additionally, details of the pharmacist were also found to be fabricated. The use of forged documents allowed the pharmacy to operate illegally for an extended period.

Raid on Iswarya Fertility Centre

The raid on Iswarya Fertility Centre was prompted by a tip-off from reliable sources.

The regulatory officers of the Drug Control Administration (DCA) undertook the operation, revealing the deceptive practices of the pharmacy, which was not working with a valid drug license.

Violation of Drug Laws

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act stipulates that a valid drug license is required for selling, stocking, exhibiting, offering for sale, or distributing any drug.

Unfortunately, Iswarya Fertility Centre’s pharmacy had been in violation of this provision for years.

Seized Medications

The pharmacy’s stocks included a variety of prescription drugs, such as estradiol tablets, progesterone capsules, hormone injections, steroid injections, anti-ulcer drugs, and several antibiotics. The seized items comprised 26 different types of medicines.

The stocking and sale of medicines without a valid drug license are punishable under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, with penalties including imprisonment for up to five years.

DG’s Directive and Team Formation

In response to these fraudulent activities, Director General VB Kamalasan Reddy directed Assistant Director D Saritha to lead a team of drug inspectors for the raid.

The team, including G Anil, B Govind Singh, and B Lakshminarayana, conducted a thorough inspection at the Iswarya Fertility Centre.

DCA’s Advisory to the Public

Following the exposure of Iswarya Fertility Centre’s illicit operations, the DCA issued an advisory to the public.

It urged individuals to verify whether medical shops or hospital pharmacies possess valid drug licenses issued by the drug department.

This initiative is part of the DCA’s constant vigilance to detect unlicensed stocking and sale of drugs.

Constant Vigilance by DCA

The DCA, under the leadership of DG Kamalasan Reddy, remains vigilant in detecting unlicensed stocking and sale of drugs.

Surprise raids have been intensified across the state, demonstrating the commitment to enforcing drug laws and ensuring public safety.

Support from Telangana Drug Manufacturers Association

J Rajamouli, the president of the Telangana Drug Manufacturers Association (TS IDMA), commended the initiatives of the DCA.

He emphasized that DG Kamalasan Reddy acts on proper information and conducts raids and inspections without bias, ensuring that all pharmacies are held accountable, regardless of ownership.

Importance of Proper Information

The success of the DCA’s initiatives lies in the importance of accurate information.

DG Kamalasan Reddy’s commitment to conducting raids without prejudice ensures that every pharmacy, whether owned by a business tycoon, political leader, or an ordinary person, is subject to scrutiny.

Legal Consequences

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act imposes severe consequences for unlicensed activities, including imprisonment for up to five years.

Iswarya Fertility Centre’s case serves as a stark reminder of the legal repercussions faced by entities operating without valid drug licenses.

DCA’s Ongoing Initiatives

The DCA remains dedicated to its mission of safeguarding public health.

With ongoing surprise raids and inspections in all parts of the state, the administration strives to eliminate unlicensed stocking and sale of drugs, ensuring the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry.

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