DCA Telangana Uncovers Illegal Alprazolam Production

Surprise raids are being carried out with a specific focus on uncovering clandestine activities related to 'alprazolam' and 'tramadol

Drugs Control Administration DCA Telangana
DCA Telangana

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The Drugs Control Administration (DCA), Telangana in Jan initiated a series of enforcement drives that brought to light the illegal manufacturing of alprazolam in the city’s outskirts.

This crackdown is a response to the increasing prevalence of alprazolam suppliers and drug peddlers who have been facilitating its use in toddy to provide an extra high.

Background: The Alarming Trend

In recent times, law enforcement has been actively pursuing individuals involved in the distribution and use of alprazolam, particularly in the context of its incorporation into toddy.

This alarming trend prompted the DCA to take swift action.

Raids on Jan 4 and Jan 5: Unveiling Illicit Units

The enforcement drives conducted on Jan 4 and Jan 5 led to the discovery of 10 illegal units, with four operating in the Bollaram industrial area.

Notable establishments included Sree Harsha Organics, Sodum Drug and Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd, Enpair Pharma Ltd, and Sakksa Pharma.

Additionally, other units involved in manufacturing chemicals and drugs were found in Kazipally, Gaddapotharam, Pashamylaram, Kuppanagar, and Gummadidala.

DCA’s Official Statement: Intensified Surveillance

The DCA, Telangana, released an official statement explaining the intensified surveillance on chemical/intermediate factories in the state.

The primary objective is to detect unlicensed manufacturing of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and other general drugs in these facilities.

Surprise raids are being carried out with a specific focus on uncovering clandestine activities related to ‘alprazolam‘ and ‘tramadol.’

DCA’s Ongoing Action Plan

This recent surge in enforcement activities underscores the DCA’s commitment to tackling the illegal production of substances like alprazolam and tramadol.

Surprise raids on unlicensed manufacturing facilities have become a pivotal part of their strategy.

Previous Enforcement Activities: A Track Record

Between July last year and Jan, the DCA conducted a total of 18 raids, leading to the seizure of spurious drugs, unlicensed stocks, samples for physicians, and drugs meant for government use.

This consistent effort reflects the dedication to curbing the illegal drug trade.

Other Unlicensed Manufacturing: Beyond Alprazolam

Apart from the illegal manufacturing of alprazolam, the DCA also detected unlicensed production of ‘diacerein’ and ‘dapoxetine hydrochloride,’ both falling under the category of narcotic drugs.

These activities were traced back to separate units in Bonthapally and Gaddapotharam villages on the city’s outskirts.

Significance of Surveillance: A Preventive Measure

The intensified surveillance on chemical/intermediate factories is crucial in preventing the unlicensed production of narcotic drugs and other controlled substances.

By targeting these facilities, authorities aim to curb clandestine activities that pose a threat to public health and safety.

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  1. How dangerous is the use of alprazolam in toddy?
    • The combination of alprazolam and toddy can have severe health implications, including heightened intoxication and potential harm.
  2. What measures is the DCA taking to combat unlicensed manufacturing?
    • The DCA is intensifying surveillance on chemical/intermediate factories, conducting surprise raids, and focusing on specific substances like ‘alprazolam’ and ‘tramadol.’
  3. Are there any legal consequences for those involved in illegal drug manufacturing?
    • Yes, individuals caught in the illegal manufacturing of drugs face legal consequences, including arrests, fines, and imprisonment.
  4. How can the public contribute to combating the illicit drug trade?
    • The public can report suspicious activities or locations to law enforcement agencies, aiding in the prevention of illegal drug manufacturing.
  5. What steps are being taken to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products in the market?
    • The DCA’s regular raids and inspections contribute to ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical products by preventing the circulation of spurious drugs and unlicensed stocks.

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