Ready to Use Liquid Omeprazole developed

The liquid omeprazole eliminates the need for swallowing tablets, making it particularly beneficial for children and adults with certain medical conditions.

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Liquid Omeprazole

Alkaloid, a leading pharmaceutical company, has recently introduced a groundbreaking solution to address challenges faced by certain patient groups – a ready-to-use liquid Omeprazole.

This innovative drug caters to young children unable to swallow tablets, as well as adult patients with swallowing difficulties, offering a convenient alternative to traditional forms of the medication.


A. Overview of New Product

Alkaloid’s latest offering is a ready-to-use liquid Omeprazole, specifically designed for individuals facing challenges in swallowing tablets.

This development marks a significant advancement in pharmaceutical solutions, aiming to enhance accessibility and ease of medication for a broader demographic.

B. Significance of Ready to Use Liquid Omeprazole

The importance of this new product lies in its ability to provide a practical and efficient solution to patients who struggle with traditional forms of Omeprazole.

The liquid omeprazole eliminates the need for swallowing tablets, making it particularly beneficial for children and adults with certain medical conditions.

Development Process

A. Description of Dual-Chamber Packaging

The product employs a dual-chamber packaging system, containing two separate solutions.

This innovative design ensures the stability of the components until use, preventing premature mixing and maintaining the drug’s efficacy.

B. Mixing Process for the Liquid Solution

Upon opening the dual-chamber package, the solutions automatically mix, transforming into a ready-to-use liquid Omeprazole.

This streamlined process enhances user convenience and ensures the correct dosage every time.

C. Flavors and Absence of Certain Ingredients

To enhance the user experience, the liquid Omeprazole comes with a pleasant lemon and menthol flavor.

Moreover, the formulation is free from sugar, sorbitol, and artificial coloring, catering to a wider range of dietary needs and preferences.

D. Investment in a Custom-Built Machine

Alkaloid’s commitment to this innovative product is highlighted by its investment in a custom-built machine tailored to the specific requirements of the drug’s manufacturing process.

This ensures efficiency and sustainability in the global supply chain.

International Recognition

A. Attainment of the First International VAM Patent

Alkaloid proudly holds the first international value-added medicine (VAM) patent for the Omeprazole peroral solution.

This recognition underscores the uniqueness and significance of the product in the global pharmaceutical landscape.

B. Marketing Authorizations in Macedonia and the UK

The Omeprazole liquid has already received marketing authorizations for both the Macedonian and UK markets, emphasizing its adherence to regulatory standards and safety protocols.

Target Patient Groups

A. Use for Young Children with Reflux Esophagitis and GERD

One of the primary target groups for the ready-to-use liquid Omeprazole is young children suffering from reflux esophagitis and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

The liquid form offers a palatable and easy-to-administer option for parents and caregivers.

B. Accessibility for Adult Patients with Swallowing Difficulties

Beyond pediatric applications, the liquid Omeprazole caters to adult patients who face challenges in swallowing.

This includes individuals with certain medical conditions or elderly patients who may find traditional tablets difficult to manage.

Medication Forms

A. Comparison with Traditional Gastro-Resistant Tablets and Capsules

In comparison to traditional forms such as gastro-resistant tablets and capsules, the liquid Omeprazole presents a user-friendly alternative, ensuring effective delivery of the medication without the need for swallowing solid dosage forms.

B. Powder Option for Dissolution

In addition to the liquid form, Alkaloid offers a powder option for dissolution.

This flexibility in medication forms enhances the versatility of the product, accommodating various patient preferences and requirements.

Efficient Global Supply Chain

A. Tailoring Machine to the Product’s Manufacturing Process

To meet the specific requirements of the liquid Omeprazole manufacturing process, Alkaloid’s investment in a custom-built machine ensures optimal efficiency and quality control.

This bespoke machinery is a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality pharmaceuticals.

B. Ensuring Sustainability in the Global Supply Chain

Alkaloid prioritizes sustainability in its global supply chain, aligning with industry standards for environmentally responsible pharmaceutical production.

The company’s commitment to sustainable practices contributes to a more eco-conscious pharmaceutical landscape.

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