India emerges as a Global Nutraceutical Powerhouse

Gone are the days of India being a passive player in the nutraceutical space

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The global nutraceutical market is experiencing a seismic shift, and India is rapidly taking center stage.

This transformation was on full display at the recently concluded Global Nutrify Today C Suite Sumflex 2024, a landmark event that attracted over 360 key decision-makers from across the globe.

India’s Nutraceutical Potential

Gone are the days of India being a passive player in the nutraceutical space.

Today, the nation is a leading source of both nutraceutical ingredients and finished products, attracting significant interest from international innovators and investors.

This transformation was underscored by the summit’s opening keynote, titled “All roads lead to India – Why US private equity wants a taste of India,” delivered by Daniel Hopkins, Managing Partner of Kinos Capital USA.

The summit wasn’t just about talks; it provided a platform for action. An international startup pitch session allowed promising Indian nutraceutical ventures to connect with potential investors.

Shaping the Future of Nutraceuticals

The Global Sumflex brought together a stellar line-up of industry leaders, including:

  • Yoni Glickman, Managing Partner, PeackBridge Ventures
  • Eric Caston, CEO, Fuji Chemicals
  • Milind Thatte, Managing Director, P&G-Health
  • Amal Kelshikar, Executive Director, Torrent Pharmaceuticals
  • Sanjaya Mariwala- Executive Director, Omniactive Health Technologies
  • Dr Jean Porracchia, Chief R&D officer
  • Dr Ananad Swaroop, President, Cepham Inc, USA
  • Russel Michelson, Global Regulatory Head, Reckit Benkiser
  • Len Monheit, CEO Trust transparency Center
  • Raja Ram Sankaran, Managing Partner, Heidrick & Struggles

These heavyweights discussed critical issues facing the nutraceutical industry, including global nutraceutical standardization and the promotion of responsible nutraceutical practices.

Mission $100 Billion: India’s Ambitious Nutraceutical Goal

A significant highlight of the event was the emphasis on India’s Mission $100 Billion initiative.

This ambitious program aims to exponentially grow the nation’s nutraceutical sector, solidifying India’s position as a global leader in the industry.

A Microcosm of Global Collaboration

The Global Sumflex mirrored the World Economic Forum on a smaller scale, specifically tailored to the nutraceutical industry.

The event offered four distinct experiences:

  • Informative presentations: Industry experts shared their insights on the latest trends and innovations.
  • Engaging panel discussions: Leaders debated critical issues and charted the course for the future.
  • Deal-making business lounges: Investors and companies connected to explore potential partnerships.
  • Korea Experience Center: This dedicated section showcased the advancements and expertise of the Korean nutraceutical market.

Global Reach, Technological Innovation

Significantly, the Global Sumflex was the first nutraceutical summit of its scale to live stream content worldwide on OTT platforms and YouTube.

This move ensured maximum global reach and participation.

The summit also unveiled a groundbreaking innovation – NutrifyGenie 2.0, an advanced AI tool accessible via WhatsApp and desktop.

This tool empowers companies to streamline product ideation, commercialization, and ensure regulatory compliance across 11 countries.

Building the Future: Nutrify Today’s Vision

Amit Srivastav, Founder of Nutrify Today, emphasized the event’s significance.

He highlighted the evolution of NutrifyToday summits into the flexible Nutrify Today Sumflex format, enabling year-round engagement with the industry.

He further emphasized the summit’s commitment to “data-driven, AI-powered” solutions, ensuring quantifiable outcomes and fostering a robust network within the nutraceutical space.

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