Consumers awareness

Consumer awareness Towards availability of medicines and its  quality

Guideline for patients / consumers of medicines

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Purchase your medicine only from licensed chemist shops.

Insist on obtaining bill / cash memo or invoice for medicines.

Your medicines may expire well before their date of expiry, if not stored properly.

Store your medicines in a cool, dark and dry place. Avoid storing of medicines in kitchen or bath room cabinets.

Store those medicines which require cold storage facilities as per the claims made on the label of the medicines, in the refrigerator not in the deepfreeze / ice chamber.

Taking alcohol along with medicines can be harmful.

The medicines prescribed for you are meant for you only. Do not give them to others even if their symptoms are similar.

Do not self medicate other than for minor ailments i.e. headache.

Do not discontinue taking your prescribed medicines until advised by your doctor.

Take complete course of the prescribed medicines particularly if they are antibiotics.

Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

Date of expiry

Date of exoiry – means the date that is recorded on the container, label or wrapper as the date up to which the substance may be expected to retain a potency not less than or not to acquire a toxicity greater than that required or permitted by the prescribed test.

As per Rule 96 of Drugs & Cosmetics Rule 1945 the “Expiry date” means that the drug is recommended till the last day of the month.

Testing of drugs / medicine

If the consumer want to get the medicine tested, he /she has to fill the required form Form-14 and the report will be issued on Form-14A, click below link to download the said forms:

For rates of testing of different drugs in the laboratory, click below Schedule-B

Import of drugs / medicine

You can import up to 100 doses of your medicines against your Doctor’s prescription

Contact Central Drugs Standard Control organisation (CDSCO), Directorate General of Health Service FDA Bhawan, ITO, Kotla Road- New Delhi-110002, for further information in this regard.

  • dci[at]nic[dot]in
  • Toll Free No. 1800 11 1454

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