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Various types of fees have been described under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules framed thereunder for obtaining licenses for the sale and manufacturing of drugs, cosmetics, Homoeopathy, Medical Devices, etc.

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Fees for various kinds of drugs Licenses under Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 & Rules 1945

Types of LicensesApplication on FormLicense on FormLicense FeeRenewal / Retention fee (after 5 years)Late fee Per monthFee for a duplicate licenseAdditional Item (per item)
Sale licenses
Whole Sale1920-B 21-B3000/- (1500/- each)Retention fee after 5 years Rs. 3000/-2% (Rs 60/-)300/-
Retail sale1920 & 21-do--do--do--do-
Homeopathic (Wholesale)19-B20-D250/-20-E50/-150/-
Homeopathic (Retail sale)19-B20-C250/-20-E50/-150/-
Sch. X (Wholesale)19-C20-G500/-Retention2%150/-
Sch. X (Retail Sale)19-C20-F500/-Retention2%150/-
Manufacturing licenses
Manufacturing (Non-Biological)24257500/-Retention2%1000/-300/-
Manufacturing (Biological)27287500/-Retention2%1000/-300/-
Loan License (B)27-A28-B7500/-Retention2%300/-
Loan License (NB)24-A25-B7500/-Retention2%300/-
CosmeticCOS 5COS 810,000/-Retention2% 500/-
Repacking (NB)24-B25-B700/-Retention2%1000/-100/-
Testing licenses
License for Test / Analysis2930250/-Valid for 3 years and further renewal for 1 year
Cosmetic Testing LaboratoryCOS 22COS 231000/-
Commercial testing Laboratory36377500/-Retention2%
Blood Centre
Blood Centre27-C28-C7500/-28-c1000/-300/-
Medical Devices manufacturing licenses
Medical Devices (Cat A& B)MD-3MD-55000/-Retention2%500/-
Medical Devices (Loan License) (Cat A& B)MD-4MD-65000/-Retention2%500/-
Medical Devices (Cat C& D)MD-7MD-850,000/-Retention2%1,000/-
Medical Devices Loan License (Cat C& D)MD-9MD-1050,000/-Retention2%1,000/-
Medical Devices Registration
Medical Devices RegistrationMD-41MD-423,000/-Retention2%

Forms: Drugs

Forms: Cosmetics

Forms: Medical DevicesForms: Clinical Trial

Schedules: Drugs

Schedules: Cosmetics

Schedules: Medical Devices

Schedules: Clinical Trials

Licensing procedure for manufacturing of Drugs

Procedure to obtain license for manufacturing of Cosmetics

Procedure to obtain license for manufacturing of Homoeopathic Medicines

Procedure to obtain license for manufacturing of Medical Devices

Procedure to obtain License to Manufacture drugs for testing and analysis purposes

Procedure to obtain license for Blood Centre (Blood Bank)

Procedure to obtain license for Commercial Testing Laboratories

Procedure to obtain license for Medical Store / Pharmacy

How to start Jan Aushadhi Store: Procedure

Banned Drugs

Blood Bank / Centre




Drug Rules

Drugs Act


EC Act



Hospital – RMI

Medical Devices


New Drugs

Testing Laboratories

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