Medical Devices: Registration for sale

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Registration for sale of Medical Devices: Procedure and conditions

Govt of India has issued notification No. GSR 754(E) dt 30-09-2022 for the registration certificate to sell, stock, exhibit, or offer for sale or distribute a medical device including in vitro diagnostic medical device

Requirement for registration for the sale of Medical Devices

Application of Form MD-41

(Make an application in Form MD-41 to the State Licensing Authority of the concerned state along with all relevant documents mentioned below)

Download Form MD-41, click the below link:


The application shall be accompanied with:

  • A fee of Rs. 3000/-;
  • Self-certificate of compliance with respect to Good Distribution Compliance;
  • Details of the applicant or firm including its constitution, along with identification proof, such as an Aadhar card or PAN card;
  • Documentary evidence in respect of ownership or occupancy on rental of the premises;
  • Brief description of other activities carried out by the applicant, namely, storage of drugs, medical items, food products, stationeries, etc., or any other activities carried out by the applicant in the said premises; and
  • An undertaking to the effect that the storage requirements to sell, stock, exhibit or offer for sale or distribute a medical device will be complied with.
  • Details of competent technical staff, under whose direction and supervision the sales activity of medical devices shall be undertaken:

Qualification of Technical Staff

The technical staff shall possess the following educational qualification and experience, namely:

  • Hold a degree from a recognized University/Institution; or
  • Is a registered pharmacist; or
  • Has passed the intermediate examination or its equivalent examination from a recognized Board with one-year experience in dealing with the sale of medical devices;

Grant of registration certificate in Form MD-42

The State Licensing Authority shall, after scrutiny of documents and being satisfied that the
requirements of these rules have been complied with, grant a registration certificate in Form MD-42.

Download Form MD-42, click the below link


Conditions of registration certificate

(1) The registration certificate granted under rule 87A shall be displayed at a prominent place on the premises and visible to the public.

(2) The registration certificate holder shall provide adequate space and proper storage conditions for the storage of the medical devices.

(3) The registration certificate holder shall maintain the requisite temperature and lighting as per the requirements of such medical devices.

(4) The medical devices shall be purchased only from an importer or licensed manufacturer or registered or licensed entity.

(5) Separate records, in the form of invoice or register or electronic details including software of purchases and sales of medical devices showing the names and quantities of such medical devices, names and addresses of the manufacturers or importers, batch number or lot number and expiry date (if applicable) shall be maintained.

(6) The records referred to in sub-rule (5) shall be open to inspection by a Medical Device Officer appointed under the sub-rule (2) of rule 18, who may, if necessary, make inquiries about purchases and sale of the medical devices and may also take samples for testing.

(7) All registers and records mentioned under these rules, shall be preserved for a period of not less than two years from the last entry, therein.

(8) The registration certificate holder shall maintain an inspection book in Form MD-43 to enable the Medical Devices Officer to record his observations and defects noticed.

Download Form MD-43, click the below link:


Validity of registration certificate

A registration certificate issued in Form MD-42 shall remain valid in perpetuity, subject to payment of the registration certificate retention fee as specified in the Second Schedule, before completion of the period of five years from the date of its issue, unless, it is suspended or canceled by State Licensing Authority

Fee structure: All types of drugs licenses:

Download the pdf file for the license fee structure for all licenses under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and the Rule framed thereunder. Click below link


Fees for various kinds of drugs Licenses under Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 & Rules 1945

Types of LicensesApplication on FormLicense on FormLicense FeeRenewal / Retention fee (after 5 years)Late fee Per monthFee for a duplicate licenseAdditional Item (per item)
Sale licenses
Whole Sale1920-B 21-B3000/- (1500/- each)Retention fee after 5 years Rs. 3000/-2% (Rs 60/-)300/-
Retail sale1920 & 21-do--do--do--do-
Homeopathic (Wholesale)19-B20-D250/-20-E50/-150/-
Homeopathic (Retail sale)19-B20-C250/-20-E50/-150/-
Sch. X (Wholesale)19-C20-G500/-Retention2%150/-
Sch. X (Retail Sale)19-C20-F500/-Retention2%150/-
Manufacturing licenses
Manufacturing (Non-Biological)24257500/-Retention2%1000/-300/-
Manufacturing (Biological)27287500/-Retention2%1000/-300/-
Loan License (B)27-A28-B7500/-Retention2%300/-
Loan License (NB)24-A25-B7500/-Retention2%300/-
CosmeticCOS 5COS 810,000/-Retention2% 500/-
Repacking (NB)24-B25-B700/-Retention2%1000/-100/-
Testing licenses
License for Test / Analysis2930250/-Valid for 3 years and further renewal for 1 year
Cosmetic Testing LaboratoryCOS 22COS 231000/-
Commercial testing Laboratory36377500/-Retention2%
Blood Centre
Blood Centre27-C28-C7500/-28-c1000/-300/-
Medical Devices manufacturing licenses
Medical Devices (Cat A& B)MD-3MD-55000/-Retention2%500/-
Medical Devices (Loan License) (Cat A& B)MD-4MD-65000/-Retention2%500/-
Medical Devices (Cat C& D)MD-7MD-850,000/-Retention2%1,000/-
Medical Devices Loan License (Cat C& D)MD-9MD-1050,000/-Retention2%1,000/-
Medical Devices Registration
Medical Devices RegistrationMD-41MD-423,000/-Retention2%

Licensing procedure for manufacturing of Drugs

Procedure to obtain license for manufacturing of Cosmetics

Procedure to obtain license for manufacturing of Homoeopathic Medicines

Procedure to obtain license for manufacturing of Medical Devices

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