Drug Rules

Drug Rules – Notifications

Govt. of India issues Notifications time to time which are published by Department of Publication and are printed by the Government of India Printing Presses regularly.

We have provided some of the important notifications relevant to the above said topic, Click below links for more information:


G.S.R. No. 763(E) dt 15-12-20 – Cosmetics Rules 2020

GSR 656(E) dt 20-10-2020 – Draft notification regarding addition of Tapentadol in Schedule H1

GSR-166 (E) dated 11-03-20 Drugs and Cosmetics (Second amendment) Rules 2020 – regarding – Blood Bank / Blood Centre, Qualification of Doctor and technical staff etc.



GSR 828 (E) dated 06-11-2019 regarding submission of Form-51 by the manufacturer for marketing the drug under brand name





G.S.R. 817(E) dt 28-08-2018 -Draft notification – Sale of Drugs by E-Pharmacy / Online Pharmacy


GSR 1337(E) Dt. 27-10-17 Drugs and Cosmetics (Tenth Amendment) Rules, 2019 Word Renewal omitted

GSR 327 (E) dt 03-04-2017 – BA-BE studies – Drugs and Cosmetics (Ninth Amendment) Rules 2017

GSR 144 (E) dated17-02-2017 – regulation on Oseltamivir phosphate & zanamivir


GSR 570 (E) dated 07-08-2014 regarding drug formulation permission in proper or generic name only


GSR No. 588(E) Dt 30-08-2013 – Schedule H1 Drugs – D&C (fourth Amendment) Rules 2013


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