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Govt. of India issues Notifications time to time which are published by Department of Publication and are printed by the Government of India Printing Presses regularly.

We have provided some of the notifications relevant to the above said topic, Click below links for more information:


S.O. 5139(E) dt 10-12-2021 Renotification of NIB Noida as CDL for testing of COVID 19 vaccine Section 6 and 26 B of Drugs and Cosmetics Act

GSR 767(E) dt 27-10-2021 Draft – to amend rule 2 to substitute cell or stem cell derived product under New Drugs and Clinical Trial Rules 2019

GSR 762(E) dt 27-10-2021 – Sec 10 of D&C Act – To allow import of Oxytocin API for manufacture of formulation for export purpose only

S.O. 4326(E) dt 18-10-2021 – Section 5 of D&C Act Reconstitution of DTAB

GSR 668(E) dt 23-09-2021 – Draft Amendment addition of Homoeopathic System in the First Schedule of D&C Act

S.O. 1521(E) dt 08-04-2021 Notification of 5 officers at CDTL, Mumbai as Government Analysts under section 20(2) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940

S.O. 1520(E) dt 07-04-2021 Notification of officer at CDTL, Hyderabad as Government Analyst under section 20(2) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940

GSR 255(E) dt 07-04-2021 Exclusion of FDC of Tamsulosin and Deflazacort from banned list of drugs

S.O.1260(E) dt 19-03-2021 Notification of Debasis Maitti and Hitesh Khare as Govt. Analysts at RDTL Chandigarh

S.O. 1170(E) dt 12-03-2021 Notification Amar jyoti, Dilip Kr, Rinku & Arun Kr at RDTL Guwahati as Govt. analyst


S.O. 2451 (E) dt 20-07-2020 – Sec 26B – Exemption of sale license for sanitizers

GSR-No-220 (E) dt. 26-03-2020 Regarding door step delivery of medicine

GSR-219 (E) dt 26-03-2020 Regarding Hydroxychloroquine is Schedule-H 1 drug now

G.S.R.-52 (E) dt. 27-01-2020 Exemption of Import of Oxytocin reference standards from Prohibition


GSR 4271(E) dt 26-11-2019 – 12 Govt Analyst notified for the whole of India

G.S.R. No. 827 (E) dt. 06-11-19 Draft Notification Sch-K

S.-O.-1500 (E) dt. 02-04-2019 Organ preservative solution as drug


GSR 794(E) dt 21-08-2018 Mfg of Oxytocin Formulation by Public Sector 26A of D&C Act


GSR 411(E) dt 27.04.2018 – Manufacture Prohibition of Oxytocin with conditions under Section 26A of D&C Act

GSR 390(E) dated 24.04.2018 Import banning of Oxytocin under Section 10A D&C Act


GSR 2393(E) dt 02-09-2015 – 5 Govt Analyst notified for the whole of India


GSR 2213(E) dt 26-09-2011 – 2 Govt Analyst notified for the whole of India in NIB Noida

S.O. 722(E) dt 08-04-2011 – Section 5 – Constitution of DTAB – Drugs and Cosmetics Act


GSR 738(E) dt 09-10-2009 Amendment in the notification number G.S.R. 578(E), 23rd July, 1983 Substitutes FDC of Corticosteroid with any other drug for internal use


Drugs and Cosmetics (Amendment) Act No. 26 of 2008


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