Pharmacist Change at Medical Store

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Pharmacist Change at Medical Store

Change of Competent Person (Registered Pharmacist / Experience Person at Medical Store / Pharmacy or Whole sale unit

RSDL: Retail Sale Drugs License
WSDL: Whole Sale Drugs License
CP: Competent Person
RP: Regd. Pharmacist
EP: Experience Person

CP= RP (Regd Pharmacist) = EP (Experience Person)

All the medical stores / pharmacies (wholesaler or retailers) have to maintain the records of change of CP (RP / EP). Here is list of documents required for change of CP (RP / EP) to be submitted at the office of drug authorities:

CP: RP & EP in case of Whole sale
CP: RP in case of Retail sale

List of documents for change in CP (RP / EP)

Application for change in CP (RP / EP) Application must have following details:
Previous CP
Name of previous CP
Date of resignation
New CP
Name of new CP
Date of joining
Regn. No. (in case of RP)
Mob. No.
Aadhaar No.
Details of previous working of CP if any with proof of resignation
Gap between resigning of  previous and joining of New CP
Medical Store Pharmacy
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Attach self certified photocopy of following documents:
Drug license Resignation of previous CP
Joining letter of new CP.
Qualification certificates of new CP
Approval letter of CP
Up to date registration certificate of new CP
Residence proof of  new CP
Resignation proof of new CP from the previous firm if any.
Pharmacy, Medical Store
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Attach following documents also:
Non conviction / self-declaration of Prop. / Partner etc. Having details of change of CP: Name & date of resignation of previous CP Name & date of joining of new CP
Non conviction / self-declaration of new CP Having details of his: Qualification Previous working with name of firm Date of resignation Joining date at the new firm.

Important: It is very important to join new CP forthwith after resigning of a previous CP and inform the drug authorities with in one month.

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To download the PDF file of above said details, click below link

To download the Specimen performa for change of Competent person at the firm, click below link

To download the specimen of self declaration of CP, click below link

To download the Specimen performs for submitting resignation by Competent person (Registered Pharmacist or Experience person), click below link

Note: Documents requirement may vary from state to state

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