Schedules: Drugs

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Schedules: Drugs

Schedules – drugs under Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules 1945

Rules Law
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As per Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules 1945 we have provided some important Schedules for drugs relevant to the above said topic, Click below links for more information:


Schedule-B: Fees for test or analysis by the Central Drugs Laboratories or State Drugs Laboratories

Schedule-C, C1

Schedule-C-C1: Biological and special products


Schedule-D: Class of drugs and Extent and conditions of exemption

Schedule-D I

Schedule-D1: Information and undertaking required to be submitted by the manufacturer or his authorized agent with the Application Form for a Registration Certificate

Schedule-D II

Schedule-DII: Information required to be submitted by the manufacturer or his authorized agent with the Application Form for the Registration of a Bulk Drug/Formulation/ Product for its import into India


Requirements for the functioning and operation of a blood bank and / or for preparation of blood components

Schedule-F I

Provisions applicable to the production of bacterial vaccines

Schedule-F II

Standards for surgical dressings

Schedule-F III

Standards for umbilical tapes


Standards for ophthalmic preparations


Schedule-G: List of drugs falls under Schedule-G


Schedule-H: List of drugs falls under Schedule-H

Schedule-H 1

Schedule-H1: List of drugs falls under Schedule H1


Diseases and ailments (by whatever name described) which a drug may not purport to prevent or cure or make claims to prevent or cure.


Schedule-K: Class of drugs and Extent and Conditions of Exemption

Schedule-L 1

Schedule-L1: (GLP) Good laboratory practices and requirements of premises and equipment


Schedule-M: (GMP) Good manufacturing practices for premises and materials

Schedule-M I

Good manufacturing practices and requirements of premises, plant and equipment for homoeopathic medicines


List of minimum equipment for the efficient running of a pharmacy


Schedule-O: Provisions applicable to Black Fluids and White Fluids


Schedule-P: Storage conditions of drugs

Schedule-P 1

Schedule-P1: Pack size of drugs


List of dyes, colours and pigments permitted to be used in cosmetics and soaps as given under is : 4707


Standards for condoms made of rubber latex intended for single use and other mechanical contraceptives

Schedule-R I

The medical devices shall conform to the Indian Standards laid down from time to time by the Bureau of Indian Standards. If there are no Bureau of Indian Standards then it shall conform to the International Standards, like International Organisation for Standardisation, or other International Pharmacopeia Standards and such other standards as may be specified for this purpose. In case national or international standards are not available, the device shall conform to the manufacturer‘s validated standards.


Standards for cosmetics


Schedule-T: (GMP) Good manufacturing practices for Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani medicines

Schedule-T A

Schedule-T-A: Form for record of utilizaion of raw material by Ayurveda or Siddha or Unani licensed manufacturing units during the financial year


Particulars to be shown in manufacturing records

Schedule-U I

Particulars to be shown in the manufacturing records


Standards for patent or proprietary medicines


Schedule-X: List of drugs falls under Schedule-X


Schedule-Y: Requirements and guidelines for permission to import and / or manufacture of new drugs for sale or to undertake clinical trials

Schedules: Cosmetics

Schedules: Medical Devices

Schedules: Clinical Trials

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Licensing procedure for manufacturing of Drugs

Latest Notifications: D&C Rules 1945

Latest Notifications: D&C Act 1940

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