Customer’s Right at Medical Store

1. Check the license of the Medical Store / Pharmacy displayed on a prominent place.

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Customer’s Right at Medical Store

2. Ensure that your drugs / medicines are sold under the supervision of Registered Pharmacist of the medical store.

3. Check that the drugs you are purchasing are stocked at proper storage conditions as per the storage conditions mentioned on the label of the drug / medicine.

4. Check the expiry date of the drug before purchasing.

5. Always ask for the purchase voucher and never purchase a drug without cash memo. No one can ask for or claim extra taxes for issuing a cash memo.

6. Cash memo should be signed by the Registered Pharmacist.

7. Cash memo of purchased drug is a warranty card for quality of drugs.

8. Before leaving the shop compare the Quantity, Name of drug, Batch No. and Expiry date of drug purchased with written on cash memo. Also check grand total in cash memo.

9. This is your right to know from the pharmacist:What is the dose of  medicine?How to consume the  medicine?What are the side effects of  medicine?What are the contraindications of  medicine?

10. Testing of drugs: Customer has the right to get the drug tested as per provisions of Section 26 of Drug and Cosmetics Act from Govt. Analyst.