5 reasons having frequent headaches

One of the common causes of headaches is stress

Picture: Pixabay

Headaches can even happen due to other reasons

Headaches are a common condition, but they are not easy to deal with. The stabbing and intense pain in the head can make anyone go crazy and perplexed. It will make it difficult for you to concentrate and function properly.

One of the common causes of headaches is stress, but we all know that stress is part and parcel of our everyday busy life. Apart from this, there are some other conditions that can cause intense pain in your head. Here are 5 weird reasons you have frequent headaches.

1 If you drink too much coffee

We all think that coffee helps to keep us active and awake. But excessive intake of caffeine is another reason why you are witnessing that throbbing pain in your head. Caffeine narrows down your blood vessels and daily intake of coffee makes you addicted to it. When you skip your daily cup of coffee, your blood vessels do not become constricted and your head starts to hurt.

2 If you are dehydrated

A sufficient amount of water is necessary for staying fit and healthy. If you are dehydrated, then it will lead to a headache. So, if you experience headaches often then check your fluid intake level.

3 Due to hormonal issues

Sometimes a drop in the level of your hormones can also cause a headache. If your estrogen level is not up to the mark then you will have to suffer from this problem. Even pregnancy affects the estrogen level. So, if you think that your headache is due to hormonal changes then meet your doctor.

4 Incorrect posture

Sitting or sleeping in an incorrect posture can also cause a headache. Apart from this, wrong postures can even lead to indigestion, back pain, and foot pain.

5 If you use gadgets too much

Continuously staring at the bright blue light coming from your laptop and cellphones will not only hurt your eyes but will also cause a headache. Staring at the screen strains your eyes and you experience a headache.