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Pharmacist's issues raised by DR. B Suresh, President PCI

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Sharing hope and optimism with students and faculties of pharmaceutical sciences and other professionals in the field, the president of the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) has said that the council is regularly in touch with the government for getting the pharmacists’ issues resolved and keeping up with the industry for creating multiple opportunities for the upcoming pharmacists.

B Suresh
Dr. B Suresh, President, PCI

The pharmacists in government services in various parts of the country have myriad problems like promotional avenues, cadre formation, pay-scale issues, registration issues, regulatory problems… etc, which are positively taken up with the concerned authorities of different states and with the union government for their immediate consideration.

In the same way, the Council is very much committed to deal steadfastly with the industry for generating employment opportunities in various capacities for the new generation pharmacists, said Dr. B Suresh, president of the PCI.

The PCI chief was delivering a lecture on the theme, “Pharmacy – Always trusted for your health” in an online seminar organized by IPSR College of Pharmacy in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. The online program was attended by pharmacy professionals and academic community from all over India.

“Every day we work closely with the government on issues relating to working pharmacists and their profession, and think of what types of regulations we can bring in to make them do better services and to have a respectable career ahead of them. Correspondingly, the council is deliberating on how to utilize the potential of the pharmacy graduates for the growth of the industry.

PCI has chalked out a scheme for the teacher community to get training in industry for one month and transfer the knowledge to the students for equipping them for better services for the industry. For producing industry-suited pharmacists, the teachers must know the changes happening in industry and they must also be equipped for the coaching,” he opined.

Talking on the theme, Dr B Suresh told the participants that the theme of this year’s World Pharmacist Day (WPD) celebration was made up for ensuring the fact that pharmacy has a unique role in healthcare management as well as in the drug development area and it is dependent on by all stakeholders.

The patient is depending on the pharmacy, the physician is depending on the pharmacy and the pharma industry is also depending on the pharmacy. This dependence relies on a trust which the pharmacist has to keep up with.

The best example of this trust was evident during the peak time of the C-19 pandemic when only the pharma industry was allowed to work which included the necessary services of the pharmacists.

They worked in industry, in hospital pharmacies and in the community pharmacies for day and night. It was the time when everybody could put their trust in pharmacists. In industry, they worked as the manufacturing chemists in various departments.

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But to maintain the trust always, the pharmacist has to concentrate mainly on four aspects in their profession. He advised the student pharmacists and the working professionals to develop and nurture consistency which is needed to provide knowledge and services about drugs to the needy people always.

Secondly, the pharmacist must create a mind of compassion which is most needed in patient care. Not only the dispensing pharmacist must foster it, but the industry pharmacist must also have as much compassion as he is manufacturing a drug which is used to save the life of a patient.

Coming to the third quality that a pharmacist has to develop is with regard to communication. Dr. B Suresh said the pharmacist is dispensing drugs to all sorts of people who include from laymen to learned persons. Here the communication factor enjoys special significance. He must share information about medications and their use with the patients for the full understanding of the people with different mindsets.

He said the fourth one is nothing but competency which is related to the knowledge and skill of the pharmacist about drugs. Since a pharmacist is considered as the medicine expert, each one in the profession has to develop that aspect through hard work and keep it up with his profession always.

Dr Pramod Kumar Sharma, pro-vice chancellor of Galgotias University in Noida in UP spoke on the role of pharmacists and the director of the IPSR College of Pharmacy, Dr N Thrilochana welcomed the participants and compered the program which was organized as part of the WPD 2021.

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