Joint pain in winters: What to do ?

The link between your joints and the change in temperature.

Joint pain in winters: What to do ?

Here are some reasons for your joint pain

Joint pain troubles us in all seasons but it becomes intense in the cold weather. Whether it is triggered due to health conditions like arthritis, injury or after a workout, it hurt the most in the winters.


The ache, stiffness and swelling in the joint can cause great discomfort and can hinder your daily activity. Well, there is a reason behind it and in this article, we have tried to decode the link between your joints and the change in temperature.

Cold weather and joint pain

There is no specific cause of joint pain. Similarly, there is no specific reason why it hurts the most in the cold season. There are several theories related to it, pointing at different potential causes.

Barometric pressure (the pressure of the air) can affect joints, but humidity, precipitation, and temperature also have some role to play in it.

Several studies have been carried out in the past to find a link between joint aches and temperature change, but none of them has been able to give a clear picture.

There are some theories which have tried to explain the reason.

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The most common one is that people suffering from arthritis and other joint issues may be sensitive to changes in barometric pressure.

This could be due to the worn-out cartilage that cushions the bones inside a joint, which would cause nerves in the exposed bones to pick up on the changes in pressure.

Another theory is that in winters our body starts to conserve heat and send a larger amount of blood to the organs located at the core.

In such circumstances, the blood vessels present in the arms, legs, shoulders, knee joints become stiff, leading to pain and discomfort.

​How to prevent joint pain in winters

Cold weather is known for flaring up underlying health conditions. The only thing that you can do to prevent yourself is to follow some healthy habits and try some home remedies.

Keep yourself warm: Exposing yourself to cold weather will not only make your joint pain worse but will also increase the risk of other winter-related problems. Keep yourself warm in this season. Wear warm clothes in layers when stepping outside.

Paraffin bath or heating pad: Applying paraffin wax on your joints or heating pad can also help to provide relief from sore muscles. They harden on your skin and your body absorbs the heat, which may soothe achy joints.

Other things to keep in mind

Get some Vitamin D: Low levels of Vitamin D in the body can also increase your sensitivity. Try to increase your intake of Vitamin D by spending some time under the sun every day. You can also add more vitamin D rich food in your diet like okra, mushroom and dairy products.

Do not strain your muscles: If you are already dealing with joints related issues then try not to put extra pressure on them. Avoid lifting heavy objects or intense activity. Also, take good care of your diet and sleeping habits.


Natural remedies can easily provide you relief from joint pain. In case it does not help you much then talk to your orthopedist or physiotherapist. Do not neglect the condition as it can get worse.

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