Monitor sale of alcohol-based hand sanitizer

He warned of stern action against pharmacists if they flout rules by selling unbranded sanitiser to customers.

Cosmetics Hand sanitizer
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VIJAYAWADA: With reporting of two deaths due to consumption of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the past one week, Police Commissioner Bathini Sreenivasulu on Friday conducted a review meeting with pharmacists and station house officers.

Sreenivasulu told both pharmacists and police to monitor sale of sanitizer. He sought the help of medical shop owners and asked them to create awareness among those who are consuming sanitizer as a substitute to alcohol.

He warned of stern action against pharmacists if they flout rules by selling unbranded sanitizer to customers.

Cosmetics Hand sanitizer

“Sanitizers have to be purchased from licensed companies. We urge public to inform the police control room or a local police station when they find people purchasing sanitizers beyond their requirement,” said the Commissioner.

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He said that alcoholics will be sent to deaddiction centres with the help of village and ward volunteers.

North Zone ACP Shaik Shaanu conducted counselling for a few youngsters in Ajit Singh Nagar who were addicted to ganja and other sedatives.

She referred the addicts to NGO Health Care and Social Welfare Society to wean them away from drugs.

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