Changes in Skincare trends during the Pandemic

Not only does Maskne causes pimples, it can also lead to skin issues including redness, bumpiness, and irritation.

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Changes in Skincare trends during the Pandemic

Year 2020 has marked itself with the dramatic shift in the mindset and habits of the people worldwide. It has created a turnaround in various aspects of our lifestyle. Consumers have accelerated self-care to the top of the personal care agenda.

Today, people have realized that staying home has never been more important. And now that we all may have a little extra time on our hands, it is the perfect opportunity to realise the importance of self-care regime.

As we move on, year 2020 has seen several challenges in the trends of Skincare demands due to various challenges faced by the consumers, viz.

1.     Mask acne

– Wearing Mask is mandatory as a precaution to block the direct entrance of fomites in our nose and mouth.

– But wearing mask for long hours especially in sweaty and humid weather has led to a new problem called ‘MASKNE’ or Mask Acne.

– Not only does Maskne causes pimples, it can also lead to skin issues including redness, bumpiness, and irritation.

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So, what can be done to avoid MASKNE?

– If wearing mask for longer hours, change it every four hours. Wash fabric mask regularly and discard disposable mask (do not reuse them).

– Wash face regularly with a mild cleanser to remove any type of oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells on the skin before wearing and after removing the mask.

– Apply mild moisturizer before wearing a mask.

2.     Rough and cracked skin on hands

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Pandemic has been really tough on our hands. Frequent washing and sanitization of hands leads to dryness and irritation. The cracked skin may provide an entry point for germs and viruses.

This highlights the importance of adding HAND CARE to our daily skincare regime.

Application of mild and nourishing hand cream or mousse helps in keeping the hands hydrated and moisturized every time we wash or sanitize our hands.

3.     Blue Light Effect

Work from home, School from home, watching our favorite series for long hours on T.V. etc., are the common practices during lockdown. This has resulted in long screen time which exposes our skin to the blue light.

The blue light from the electronic devices damages our skin cells, generate stressing signs of fatigue leading to premature ageing.

– To counter the Blue Light Effect, skincare companies are working on development of skincare products that focus on balancing the production of circadian key players, to ensure a better repairing metabolism. Thus, the consumer is able to perceive the effects and feel less tired and more beautiful.

– Apply face serums and creams that focus on minimizing the blue light effect on skin cells.

It is truly said New challenges leads to innovations. Consumer’s problems and demands has resulted in skincare companies to work out on several products to cater the rising demand and also develop certain products according to the need of time.

Healthy skin requires lot of care and pampering. Invest in your skin by buying good quality products that are free from harsh chemicals and suits your requirement. So start today and practice a proper skincare regime.


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