Govt Job: For Pharmacist under office of the District Magistrate

Govt Job: Start date of the receiving applications : 12/01/2024. Last date for receiving the applications : 05/02/2024

Govt Pharma Pharmacist Job Opportunity
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Govt Job

Govt Job: Mission Vatsalya, as embraced by the Government of West Bengal, has opened up opportunities for contractual positions under the aegis of the District Magistrate, Darjeeling.

This move is in line with the policy decisions of the WCD & SW Department, aimed at addressing vacancies at the Matigara Children Home for Girls in Siliguri Subdivision of Darjeeling District.

Contractual Positions under Mission Vatsalya

The contractual nature of the notified positions signifies a commitment to the scheme’s provisions, with renewal subject to availability and satisfactory performance appraisals.

As the Matigara Children Home seeks to fill essential roles, candidates have the chance to contribute to the welfare of children in a temporary capacity.

Paramedical Staff – Female Position

One such vital position is that of Paramedical Staff – Female.

To qualify, applicants must be aged between 21-40 at the date of advertisement, hold an HS qualification, and possess a Diploma in Nursing/Pharmacy.

Additional preference is given to those with at least 3 years of relevant field experience. The remuneration for this role is set at Rs 12,000 per month, with one post available for the UR category.

Govt Pharma Pharmacist Job Opportunity
Picture: Pixabay

Remuneration and Prospects

The remuneration offered reflects the commitment to acknowledging the valuable contributions of the hired staff.

Furthermore, the prospect of contract renewal on a yearly basis provides a sense of job stability, contingent upon the organization’s needs and the candidate’s satisfactory performance.

Mission Vatsalya Scheme

The Mission Vatsalya scheme, adopted by the Government of West Bengal, underscores the state’s dedication to child welfare.

Its implementation through initiatives like the Matigara Children Home creates opportunities for individuals to actively participate in social causes.

Appointing Authority and Service Conditions

The Office of the District Magistrate, Darjeeling, serves as the appointing authority for these positions.

The service conditions are pivotal aspects that candidates must adhere to. Failure to comply with instructions, abide by general conditions, or meet performance expectations may lead to termination within two months.

Failure Consequences

The consequences of non-compliance with authority instructions or inadequate performance are severe.

Termination, from either party, can occur after serving a notice within two months.

This highlights the importance of understanding and meeting the expectations outlined by the competent authority.

Documents Required

To ensure a smooth application process, candidates must submit essential documents.

These include HS & Diploma Certificates, Experience Certificate, Proof of Age, and Proof of Identity.

Incomplete applications lacking these documents or clear photographs and signatures will be summarily rejected.

Declarations and Guidelines

Several declarations and guidelines emphasize the seriousness of the application process.

No TA/DA will be provided for exams/interviews, and any form of canvassing or unfair means will lead to disqualification.

The examination dates may coincide, requiring candidates to prioritize their preferred positions.

Qualifying Date and Application Timeline

The qualifying date for eligibility is set at 11/01/2024. Applications will be accepted from 12/01/2024, with the deadline for submission on 05/02/2024.

Candidates must adhere to these dates to ensure their eligibility and the consideration of their applications.

Qualifying date for counting the eligibility : 11/01/2024

Start date of the receiving applications : 12/01/2024

Last date for receiving the applications : 05/02/2024

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