Coronavirus: Eating plan for lockdown days

I have kept the plan simple and practical so that it is easy to follow.

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Coronavirus: Eating plan for lockdown days

Staying happy supports the immune system, but in times like these, anxiety happens to be the predominant emotion. The immune system responds to stress in a negative way. It responds similarly to worry, loneliness and sadness. A time-tested stressbuster is physical exercise of moderate intensity that you can undertake from the comfort of your home.

Cooking is another excellent stressbuster, and now is a better time than any to experiment with it. Previously, I had discussed foods that support the immune system. This week, I put together those recommendations in a sample meal plan. I have kept the plan simple and practical so that it is easy to follow.

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Early morning
Tulsi tea with ginger and 2-3 crushed blackpeppercorns.
Almonds/peanuts/walnuts/cashews (20-25g).

Colourful fruit bowl (orange / kinnow/strawberry/guava).
Porridge/ upma/poha with veggies and seeds.
Bowl of curd or glass of lassi /smoothie/spiced buttermilk.

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Colourful salad bowl (carrot /onion/tomato/broccoli /capsicum/beetroot).
Roti with bajra or ragi flour,or khichdi, or vegetable rice.
Green leaves cooked in dal oras saag (the more the variety ofleaves, the better it is).
Curd/raita with veggies orfruits. 
Chutney (coconut/amla/garlic/tomato/ curry leaves).

Evening tea
Nimbu pani/lemon tea/matcha tea / green tea with lemon.
2-3 tbsp roasted seed mixture/chaat prepared with boiled channa or sweet potato/ sprouts.

Soup/rasam (veggies and dalwith spices)
Egg/tofu/soy nuggets/paneersalad with veggies
Idli/appam /cheela with garlicchutney
Cinnamon apple salad

½ cup milk with ¼ tsp turmericpowder and a large pinch of black pepper
This plan can have many variations
depending upon locally

By Neelanjana singh