Trends Pharma launches disinfectant tablet

Good sanitisation and proper hygiene practices are an integral part of people’s lives today

Picture: Pixabay

Trends Pharma announced the launch of Sanitab, a multipurpose, non-alcohol based effervescent disinfectant tablet. Approved by the EPA against COVID-19, the formulations used in Sanitab have been recommended by the WHO, UNICEF, the UK Department of Health as well as the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

“Owing to the presence of NaDCC, this product is far more effective than other disinfectants in the market. You can use it in many different ways – to disinfect fruits and vegetables, surfaces in homes and offices and even to disinfect water from untreated sources,” the company stated.

Developed by young entrepreneurs Aniket and Namrata Parikh, a Mumbai-based couple, Sanitab was created when the duo adapted their family-run business’ industrial product for household uses. Aniket, 29, took over the family business after graduating with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from John Hopkins University US. He sees to the technical aspects while 24-year-old Namrata, who holds a degree in psychology and marketing from UPenn, oversees the marketing operations.

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Good sanitisation and proper hygiene practices are an integral part of people’s lives today. We introduced Sanitab to help people follow good hygiene practices and keep their environments clean and safe. The response we’ve received so far has been really overwhelming and we hope that our product continues to help people across the globe. We’re currently in the middle of extending operations in Asia and the Middle East.” Aniket Parikh says.

“Sanitab is very effective in destroying harmful viruses and bacteria. It’s easy to use and its versatility ensures that it can be used by anybody, from a homemaker to a nurse or delivery boy. In light of the current situation, we believe that our offering can help a lot of people, while putting their minds at ease.” puts in Namrata Parikh.

Sanitab is competitively priced and offers 25 tablets in a single tube. Orders are accepted pan-India and can be placed through the Sanitab website and Amazon.

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