DCA Telangana issues advisory to blood centres

DCA Telangana issues advisory to blood banks on safe and adequate blood supply to meet demands of COVID-19 patients

Picture: Pixabay

The Drug Control Administration of Telangana state (TSDCA) has issued advisory to all the blood centres in the state to adhere to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on the maintenance of safe and adequate blood supply during the prevailing pandemic outbreak of coronavirus in the state.

According to Preeti Meena, director of TSDCA, there are over 132 registered blood centres and 35 blood storage units run by various organizations in the state. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a drastic rise in the demand for the blood and blood components. Moreover, during the lockdown period, there has been a steep fall in the supply of the blood which led to severe stress on the blood supply system.

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“In view of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, we have issued certain advisory for all the blood centres to mitigate the reduced availability of blood donors and to reduce the potential risk of transmission of the deadly virus through the transfusion of blood and blood components. At the same time we have asked the blood banks to continuously assess their blood stocks carefully and closely monitor on daily bases to consider the adequacy risk of blood and blood products to enable preparedness and response so as to meet the unexpected rise in demand. We have also urged the blood banks to take up public awareness campaigns towards encouraging donations and to reduce donor anxiety and fear during the prevailing crucial times of COVID-19 pandemic,” observed the DCA Director.

As part of the advisory, the TSDCA has also asked the blood banks to take all safety measures to mitigate the risk of staff and donors exposure to COVID-19 virus by way of use of appropriate protective measures by blood bank staff. It has also issued guidelines to the organizers of blood donation camps to follow certain procedure to minimize contagion between donors and staff.

The blood banks are also advised to take steps to ensure continuity of supplies and uphold the public and stake holder confidence in the blood supply system.

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