National Digital Health Mission launched

One Health ID will have the information of every test, every disease, which medicine was prescribed to you by which doctor, what the reports were

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Last Updated on August 15, 2020 by The Health Master

New Delhi: Prime Minister on Saturday announced the launch of the National Digital Health Mission on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day.

PM Modi, during his address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort, said that the mission will bring a “revolution” in the health sector in the country. “From today a new campaign is going to start in the country. It is the National Digital Health Mission. National Digital Health Mission will bring a new revolution in the health sector in India,” the Prime Minister said.

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“One Health ID will have the information of every test, every disease, which medicine was prescribed to you by which doctor, what the reports were,” Modi added. Earlier, the Prime Minister hailed people in the frontline of the battle against coronavirus, saying “corona warriors have lived the mantra of ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’ and served the people of the country.

Addressing the nation on the 74th Independence Day, the Prime Minister said it is an occasion to remember freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the freedom of the country.

What is National Digital Health Mission?

The blueprint of the programme was launched last year. It seeks to provide an efficient and affordable health coverage through a wide-range of data and infrastructure services.

The key feature of this mission is th technology part – it will leverage open digital systems to provide high-quality healthcare for all. It will integrate various digital health services to create an ecosystem which can assimilate existing health information systems. The government has said that it will ensure security and privacy of personal information.

What is a health ID?

Every person in the country will get a digital health ID which is basically a digital format of all his/her health records which will be linked to the registry of doctors and health facilities across the country. The platform has been planned to improve efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of health service delivery. The health ID will be in the form of a mobile application of website.

The government had sought feedback and suggestions from various stakeholders who will be a part of the initiative. The government has said that enrollment in the initiave will be voluntary. Union health minister Harsh Vardhan, while launching the blueprint last year, had said that the government made a mark in history by launching Ayushman Bharat Yojana and other IT-enabled schemes like Reproductive Child Healthcare, and NIKSHAY etc.

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