Heart attack can strike despite low cholesterol

It is important to know that all cholesterol is not bad

Heart Attack
Picture: Pixabay

HYDERABAD: Low cholesterol levels may not mean a low heart attack risk Low LDL protects your heart health. It is important to know that all cholesterol is not bad. Some types of cholesterol are essential for good health. HDL is good cholesterol. High HDL and low LDL make your heart strong.

However, an individual may have other factors like smoking and diabetes which could increase this risk. “High cholesterol is closely related to increased risk of heart attack. Even people with ideal cholesterol may also have underlying heart attack risks. Also, not all patients with normal cholesterol have the same exact risk for developing heart disease.

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The key to reduced risk is your prevention efforts. It’s important that even the healthiest people take steps to promote better health. This will significantly reduce the risk of heart attack,” says Dr KMK Reddy, professor and HOD of Department of Cardiology in Osmania Medical College. 

Dr Pavan Kumar Uppala, an endocrinologist at Holistic Hospitals says: Check your BP at regular intervals and try to maintain your BP below 140/90 mm Hg. Take the medicines which protect your heart as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t stop taking these without checking with your doctor first. ·“Eat home-cooked food that is rich in nutrition. A diet low in saturated fats and sugars will help lower cholesterol levels, says Sujatha Stephen, chief dietician at Yashoda Hospitals.

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