140 kg of Narcotic drug Alprazolam seized in Hyderabad

Alprazolam is used as a tranquilizer and is usually used as a medicine to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorder to reduce the symptoms of depression among patients

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Last Updated on March 27, 2021 by The Health Master

The Telangana enforcement authorities, including a team of drug control administration officials and police, have raided Goud Laboratories located at Balanagar in Hyderabad and seized 140 kilograms of banned narcotic drug called Alprazolam, being manufactured illegally.

According to Telangana Drug Control Administration authorities, the narcotic drug Alprazolam is used as a tranquilizer and is usually used as a medicine to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorder to reduce the symptoms of depression among patients.  Alprazolam is in a class of medications called benzodiazepines. It works by decreasing abnormal excitement in the brain.

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However, some unscrupulous elements are now widely manufacturing the narcotic drug and supplying it illegally to toddy shops.

The enforcement department along with DCA and police are keeping an eye on the laboratories which are manufacturing the banned drugs in the guise of medicines and supplying to toddy shops for spiking toddy and liquor.

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“Alprazolam is a narcotic drug which is banned and is not allowed to be used in normal conditions. This drug is only used as a medicine to either treat depression and it is also used as a tranquilizer. 

But unfortunately, we have conducted as many as 3 raids in just a span of one month and seized more than 140 kilograms of Alprazolam which is costing more than Rs. 8 crore.

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We have found that some of the laboratories are manufacturing this narcotic drug in the guise of medicine and is supplying the same to toddy shops and selling adulterated toddy,” informed Dr. Preeeti Meena, Director of Drug Control Administration, Telangana.

It is learnt that the smugglers are supplying the narcotic drug to toddy shops and just one gram of Alprazolam is used for adulterating 1,000 liters of toddy.

Health experts revealed that prolonged consumption of adulterated toddy will adversely impact the health conditions of people in the long term.

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Revealing about the manufacturing process of Alprazolam, the DCA authorities said that the narcotic medicine undergoes various stages of processing. To get the purest form of the Alprazolam, it takes 8 stages.

Initial three stages are done using boilers and are highly dangerous, while the remaining 6 stages can be done in small chemical labs.

“It is not easy to detect if one is manufacturing Alprazolam until it reaches its final stage and therefore it is becoming difficult for the drug inspectors and enforcement authorities to identify its actual manufacturers,” observed an official.

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