Black marketing of Remdesivir: 4 persons arrested

As many as four persons have been recently arrested for selling remdesivir at exorbitant prices in the black-market.

Police Arrest
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Black-marketing of remdesivir, tocilizumab and other essential medicines for treating C-19 disease in Telangana has become rampant.

As many as four persons have been recently arrested for selling remdesivir at exorbitant prices in the black-market. They were arrested by special task force formed by the police and the state Drug Control Administration.

Medicine Injection
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As the number of C-19 cases is rising every passing day in Telangana, the shortage of essential medicines to treat C-19 patients in the state has given ample scope for black-marketers to make fast bucks taking advantage of the situation.

For the first time, Telangana state witnessed more than 6,000 C-19 cases and 18 deaths on a single day.

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This clearly speaks volumes that the state government had miserably failed in controlling the spread of infections among the public beforehand and is now scrambling to control the situation by imposing night curfew and strict implementation of wearing of masks, hand wash and social distancing.

The government’s action comes when things have already gone out of control, alleged social health activist Premnath, while commenting on the prevailing pandemic situation in Telangana.

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After receiving a complaint about rampant black-marketing of remdesivir, the Task Force Teams arrested four persons including employees of healthcare and pharmacy stores, who were apprehended red handed while selling the antiviral drug at exorbitant price to a patient.

According to police commissioner Anjani Kumar, one Shaik Mazhar, a pharmacy store owner had procured the C-19 emergency drug remdesivir from a government stock point employee and was trying to sell 6 vials of the same to a patient near a private hospital. It is learnt that the culprit was selling the injections costing Rs. 5,400 at an exorbitant price of Rs. 35,000.

“Based on a tip-off we have arrested 4 persons involved in the illegal black marketing of essential medicines for C-19 disease in the state. The police teams along with the DCA are on a vigil and constantly monitoring to check the black marketing of medicines in the state,” informed the Hyderabad police commissioner.

In another case the task force teams nabbed MD Abdl Hafeez, a person along with his employees shaik Jilani and Mohammaed Saeem who were also trying to sell 4 injections of C-19 emergency antiviral medicines costing Rs. 3,490 at a huge price of Rs. 23,000 to a patient.

The DCA official along with the police seized the medicines and arrested the culprits for indulging in black marketing of life saving emergency medicines.

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