IMA urges PM to make vaccine affordable through Jan Aushadhi stores

“The government has the moral responsibility and constitutional duty to provide the basic healthcare needs of the citizens,” the association stated.

Jan Aushadhi

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to chart out means and ways to make vaccine reach out to all at their nearest possible place and make vaccination drive affordable, accessible and distributed through the Jan Aushadhi scheme.

The association stated that the Central government has initiated a mass revolution in making good quality generic drugs available with affordable price under Jan Aushadhi scheme.  So, it demanded that the vaccine in the open market shall be routed through the Jan Aushadhi scheme, where the vaccine can be made available in the prefixed price to all the patients.

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“The government has the moral responsibility and constitutional duty to provide the basic healthcare needs of the citizens,” the association stated.

“It is evident from our experience in this pandemic, we need to regulate the supply chain of all important drugs and vaccines need streamlined, monitored and regulated. The Jan Aushadhi scheme needs to be strengthened and the generic supply is enhanced,” the association stated.

IMA is proactively supporting the measures taken by the government to tackle the healthcare crisis in India as the country is reeling under the clutches of rapid rise of corona positive individuals flooding the hospitals, the exasperated demand for oxygen, unquenchable search for remdesivir, mounting man power shortage  and feeling of burnt out among professionals.

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IMA also acknowledged the wise decision of government and other learned colleagues for opening up and enhancing vaccination as the tool to combat this dreaded pandemic.

“If the prices of the vaccine are not capped, and Rs. 35,000 crore earmarked in the budget is not utilized for giving the free vaccination to all, the good intention of the government will land up in disaster and the country will continue to suffer economic and healthcare crisis due to this pandemic,” stated the IMA.

The association stated that vaccination for the corona infection shall be also the priority of the Government as vaccination not only enhance individual safety but also the community safety by paving way for the herd immunity and the cost involved for the mass universal vaccination above the age of 18 vaccination, will be much lower than the economic gain we achieve by bending the curve of Covid pandemic.

“We could understand from various countries like Israel, Chile and UAE their rapid  progress in mass vaccination had helped them to overcome the pandemic .As the country is now gearing up to face opened up immunization programme, many valid doubts are lingering again which can result in counter-productive effects.

As the manufacturers are allowed to fix the price, it is shocking to note the preemptive announcement of the Serum Institute has predicted the price as Rs. 600. We demand transparency in this and request the government to ensure the vaccine is given free to all people above the age of 18,” the IMA in a statement said.

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