USFDA issues warning letter to Cipla for Pithampur plant

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Warning letter

Warning letter: In a recent development, pharmaceutical giant Cipla has found itself on the radar of the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

The regulatory body issued a warning letter to Cipla concerning the routine current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) inspection conducted at its Pithampur manufacturing facility from February 6 to 17, 2023.

Background of the Issue

The inspection resulted in eight observations by the USFDA, highlighting deviations from prescribed cGMP regulations.

This led to the facility being classified as Official Action Indicated (OAI) in August.

The warning letter serves as a comprehensive summary of the contraventions found and offers directional guidance for necessary corrections.

Contraventions and Guidance

The warning letter outlines specific contraventions related to methods or controls at the Pithampur facility.

These contraventions raise concerns about compliance with cGMP regulations.

The USFDA’s directional guidance emphasizes the need for corrective measures to address these issues promptly.

Company’s Response

Cipla has affirmed its commitment to addressing the concerns raised by the USFDA in a holistic and timely manner.

The company pledges to work closely with the regulatory body to ensure sustained compliance with cGMP quality standards.

In a statement to the exchanges, Cipla emphasized the paramount importance it places on quality and compliance.

Impact on Product Launch

The USFDA observations at Cipla’s plants, particularly in Pithampur, have resulted in delays in product launches.

One of the significant products affected is Advair, a medication used in the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The management revealed that the manufacturing of Advair at the Pithampur facility is being shifted to Hauppauge in Long Island.

Significance of Advair

Advair, a cornerstone in respiratory care, holds substantial revenue potential for Cipla.

Analysts estimate its market size to be around $700 million, indicating its significance in bolstering Cipla’s financials.

The delay in launching Advair due to the USFDA’s concerns has implications for Cipla’s revenue projections and market standing.

Management’s Perspective

During the Q2 press meet, Cipla’s management had highlighted the impact of USFDA observations on the company’s operations.

The delay in product launches was acknowledged, with a specific mention of the challenges posed by the observations at the Pithampur and Goa plants.

The management had then signaled the imminent shift of Advair’s manufacturing to Hauppauge.

Corrective Measures

Cipla is actively planning corrective measures to address the issues raised by the USFDA.

The company is set to collaborate closely with the regulatory body to ensure compliance.

The proactive approach taken by Cipla reflects its commitment to rectifying the identified shortcomings promptly.

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Upholding Quality and Compliance

Cipla reiterates its commitment to upholding quality and compliance with the highest standards.

The company recognizes the importance of adherence to cGMP regulations and pledges to implement measures that ensure ongoing compliance.

Future Implications

The warning letter from the USFDA holds implications for Cipla’s reputation and market standing.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and instances of non-compliance can impact public perception.

Cipla’s proactive response and corrective actions will play a pivotal role in shaping its future standing in the market.

Advair’s Revenue Potential

Advair, being a key product for Cipla, is expected to contribute significantly to the company’s revenue.

The market size of $700 million underscores the financial importance of this medication.

Analysts are closely watching how Cipla navigates the challenges and manages to bring Advair to market in a timely manner.

Timelines for Response

Cipla is expected to respond to the warning letter within the stipulated timelines.

The timely resolution of the concerns raised by the USFDA is crucial for restoring confidence in the company’s manufacturing practices.

A comprehensive and timely response is vital for maintaining regulatory compliance.


Q1: What led to the issuance of the warning letter to Cipla by the USFDA?
A1: The warning letter was issued based on observations of contraventions in methods or controls at Cipla’s Pithampur facility during a routine cGMP inspection.

Q2: How is Cipla planning to address the concerns raised by the USFDA?
A2: Cipla has committed to responding to the warning letter within stipulated timelines and working closely with the USFDA to implement necessary corrective measures.

Q3: What impact does the warning letter have on Cipla’s product launches?
A3: The letter has resulted in delays in product launches, with the manufacturing of key products like Advair being shifted to another facility.

Q4: What is the significance of Advair for Cipla?
A4: Advair is a crucial product for Cipla, with a market size of $700 million. The delay in its launch has implications for Cipla’s revenue projections.

Q5: How important is Cipla’s timely response to the warning letter?
A5: A timely and comprehensive response from Cipla is crucial for addressing the concerns raised by the USFDA and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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