MN Sridhar appointed as State Licensing and Controlling Authority of Tamil Nadu

M N Sridhar SDC Tamil Nadu
M N Sridhar

Last Updated on June 30, 2024 by The Health Master

MN Sridhar

The Tamil Nadu government’s recent appointment of MN Sridhar as the state’s unified Licensing and Controlling Authority (SLA & CA) for the Department of Drugs Control has been met with much enthusiasm by the state’s pharmaceutical industry.

This move is expected to significantly improve efficiency and transparency in drug regulation.

Previous Challenges and the Need for Change

For the past year, the industry grappled with complexities arising from separate controlling and licensing authorities. This often led to delays and inconsistencies in drug licensing processes.

MN Sridhar: A Proven Authority

MN Sridhar, a highly respected figure within the pharmaceutical domain, brings a wealth of experience to the table.

With a postgraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (M. Pharm) and over 31 years of experience in enforcing the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, he is a true authority in the field.

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A Track Record of Effective Enforcement

MN Sridhar’s commitment to upholding drug safety standards is evident in his past achievements.

During his tenure as the controlling authority, he demonstrably tackled violations:

  • Legal Actions Taken: Over 434 violations were addressed through legal actions within a year.
  • Administrative Actions: Stringent administrative measures were implemented against 283 drug traders, including both wholesalers and retailers.
  • Strict Enforcement: The past two months alone saw 41 sanction orders issued for prosecution, alongside 68 administrative actions for non-compliance with drug regulations. Additionally, four sale licenses were revoked due to violations.

Industry Leaders Welcome the Appointment

Industry leaders across various pharmaceutical associations have expressed their wholehearted support for MN Sridhar’s appointment.

  • J. Jayaseelan, Chairman, Tamil Nadu IDMA: He lauded MN Sridhar’s expertise in drug act enforcement, highlighting the potential benefits for the state’s pharma industry.
  • Dr. S. V. Veeramani, Chairman, Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council: He emphasized MN Sridhar’s experience and supportive approach towards the pharma sector, including entrepreneurs.
  • Mannargudi Ramachandran, Former President, Tamil Nadu Chemists and Druggists Association: He believes MN Sridhar’s new role will significantly benefit pharmaceutical traders within the state.
  • M. Varadarajan, President, TN Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association: He commended MN Sridhar’s extensive knowledge and experience, announcing plans to felicitate him in recognition of his support for the pharmaceutical MSME sector.

A New Era of Drug Regulation

The appointment of MN Sridhar as the unified SLA & CA signifies a positive step towards a more streamlined and efficient drug regulatory framework in Tamil Nadu.

This is expected to benefit not only the pharmaceutical industry but also ensure the safety and well-being of citizens by upholding stringent drug quality standards.

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