Pharmacists of Telangana origin who are now registered with APPC can renew their membership with TSPC

Picture: Pixabay

Last Updated on November 6, 2019 by The Health Master

The newly formed Telangana State Pharmacy Council (TSPC) has offered to accept online renewal applications of all those pharmacists who are origin of Telangana state and have registered with Andhra Pradesh Pharmacy Council (APPC) post expiry of validity of their certificates.

While informing this, TSPC president Dr. Preethi Meena said that the state pharmacy council has decided to renew the memberships of all those pharmacist of Telangana origin who are registered with APPC. “Before bifurcation of TSPC from APPC, there have been thousands of pharmacists from Telangana who got registered with the APPC because of lack of a proper council for the newly formed Telangana state.

However, after July 2018, the state of Telangana has also got its new council and this is a very young and energetic council. Our aim is to get back all those Telangana origin pharmacists registered with the TSPC,” said Dr Meena.

Usually, any pharmacist who gets registered with a pharmacy council is eligible to get renewed with that same council. However, if anyone wants to change their state, then they will have to re-register with the pharmacy council of other state. However, the state government of Telangana has given an option of renewing the pharmacists of Telangana origin registered with APPC and whose validity period is due to expire on December 31, 2019 and 2020.

Interested pharmacists who wish to get themselves registered with the Telangana pharmacy council can visit the online website and can book a slot by filling up all their details for an appointment with the authorities of TSPC for the verification. “We want to increase our registered membership and as part of this programme we are trying to call back all those pharmacists of Telangana origin registered with APPC. However, the pharmacists whose certificates are getting expired by December 31st, 2019 and 2020 have to registered themselves online and book the slot by paying a renewal fees of Rs. 560,” informed T.Kailasam, Registrar of TSPC.