This is the most hydrating drink : Guess What

This is the most hydrating drink : Guess What

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Most hydrating drink

There are several times when we feel extremely parched. It can be after an hour-long exercise in the gym or when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. The first thing we all do is reach out for a bottle of water to quench our thirst. But turns out, water is not the most hydrating drink of all. We are not lying! A recent study has revealed that water is not the best hydrating drink.

The secret drink

The most hydrating drink of all is -Skim Milk! Yes, read it right. Rich in calcium, and Vitamins, milk helps to keep our bones healthy and strong. Now it is even the most hydrating fluid.

The study

As per the study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, milk might be a better option than water. To conduct the study, the researchers at St. Andrews University in Scotland, studied the rehydration effects of 13 different beverages on 72 male participants.

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It was found that skim milk is more hydrating than water because it has a little fat, protein, sugar lactose and sodium, which is best suited to balance your fluid need when you are feeling excessively thirsty. The sodium content in milk holds onto the water in the body and prevents is from producing urine.

Oral rehydration tablets, full-fat milk, orange juice, cola, diet cola are followed by skim milk on the list of most hydrating drinks.

The bottom line
Milk might be healthy for you, but as far as other hydrating drinks on this list are concerned, you need to be a little careful. Just because diet coke and cola are listed on the top does not mean you can start chugging them whenever you feel thirsty. The fuzzy beverages not only hydrate you but they also have other health implications. So, if given a choice always opt for water.

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