How to make your strongest muscle flexible

How to make your strongest muscle flexible

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How to make your strongest muscle flexible

The human body is made up of more than 600 types of different muscles. Every group of muscle has specific work to perform. Some help us to maintain our posture, some in movement while others carry internal organs like heart and stomach. But the question is which one is the strongest of all.

Have you ever tried to find the answer to this question?
Most of the people will say that it is our tongue as it performs multiple functions, it is flexible and never hurts. Actually, this question is quite debatable and the answer depends on your definition of “strongest”.

The strongest muscles

Every muscle groups have their specific function to perform, which helps the body to work properly. If by strongest you mean the muscle that can handle the most pressure, then it is your ‘calf muscle’. These muscles help you to stand, walk, run and perform other work.

If in case, by strongest you mean the one that does most work, then it is your heart muscles. The heart muscles perform the greatest amount of physical work in the course of a human’s life.

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If strongest means the one that exerts maximum force on an external object, then it is the ‘masseter muscle’, which is a thick muscle present in the cheek, located at the back of the jaw. This muscle is responsible for the opening and closing of your jaws when you are chewing your food.

It is tight because it is a densely packed muscle fiber. If all the muscles of the jaw are working together then it can close the teeth with a force 25 kilograms on the incisors. That is why in true sense, it is one of the strongest as well as the most firm muscle of all.

How to make your muscles flexible

You can do running, jogging and stretching for your calf muscles. Similarly, cardio is beneficial for your heart muscles, but when it comes to your masseter muscle, here is how you can massage it to make it flexible.

The masseter muscle is located on both sides of your jaw. These muscles run vertically from in front of the ear to the angle of your jaw and can be easily located. You can use your fingers to firmly press it and massage it to release the tension.

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