Suggestions for conducting a decoy operation on Medical Shops

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Manmohan Taneja

Following are the suggestions for conducting successful decoy operation on suspected chemist shops involved in illegal sale of intoxicants, MTP Kits and scheduled drugs etc.

  • Identify a decoy customer of highest integrity.
  • Obtain undertaking that he / she is willing to participate as decoy customer / patient.
  • Prepare a shadow witness to associate decoy customer.
  • Prepare a list of currency notes mentioning their serial numbers & denominations.
  • Handover currency notes to decoy customer with instructions to use them only while purchasing drugs, for which they have been sent.
  • Provide decoy customer with hidden audio or video recorders if possible.
  • Officers conducting operation i.e I.O. should be present near the premises waiting for signal from decoy / shadow witness.
  • Signal must be pre- fixed before operation.
  • Keep the contact details of nearest police station ready to seek help if necessary.
  • Reach the premises as soon as signal is received.
  • After brief feedback from the decoy / shadow witness, reach the premises, recover the currency notes, objectionable drugs, material objects, records etc.
  • Make thorough investigation, obtain statement of accused / co-accused.
  • Apply section 100(4) of Cr.P.C. to search and seizure.
  • Copies of seizure memo, inspection reports, spot memo etc. must be given to accused against acknowledgement.
  • Prepare list of seized drugs, material objects & documents on prescribed form & same must be signed by accused, witness & raiding officers.
  • Statements of decoy customer, shadow witness, accused & other witness must be recorded on the spot.
  • Complete report of operation must be prepared forthwith & be sent to higher authorities telephonically as well as in writing.


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