Why your asthma gets worse at night

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Why your asthma gets worse at night

There is nothing more annoying than having your sleep disrupted at night.

But if you are suffering from asthma then waking at night coughing and wheezing might be an everyday affair.

Dealing with asthma is not an easy task, but for some people, it even gets worse at night.

Nighttime coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness that disturb your sleep is referred to as Nocturnal asthma.

This can make you feel tired and irritated during the day. Most of the people ignore it but nocturnal or nighttime asthma is very serious and needs effective treatment.

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Why this happens

There is more than one reason that can make your asthma worse at night.

1. Internal Triggers
Some people have breathing attacks at night and they wake up gasping for air. Studies suggest that it can be due to some internal triggers.

2. Sleeping position
When we sleep our airways tend to narrow down, the volume of blood in the lungs increases and drainage from your sinuses increases, all these things can trigger asthma at night.

3. Air Conditioner
Cold air leads to loss of moisture in airways that can trigger asthma. You might have to wake up more than once at night if you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room. This problem intensifies during the winter season.

4. Dust particle
If your mattress, pillows, and blankets are covered with dust mites then you might have a problem at night. Pet hair is another common asthma trigger.

5. Mould
Check your room for damp patches as mould can cause irritation in your air passage and can disturb your sweet slumber.

The bottom line
If you are suffering from asthma then you have to be a little careful. Keep your surroundings clean and do not sleep in cold rooms. Apart from this, always keep your inhaler beside your bed before you go to sleep.

If your problem is intense then see your doctor. He might make some tweaks in your medicines. Ignoring the symptoms of nocturnal asthma might be dangerous for your health

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