Do you eat really fast?

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Do you eat really fast? Here is what it does to your body

Do you eat really fast? Here is what it does to your body

So many of us consider eating a job and not a way to nourish our bodies. But did you know that eating in haste and forcing the food down your throat too fast can harm your health in not just one but multiple ways? Having your food mindlessly is a bad habit. So, if you are a fast eater, here is why you need to STOP.

1 ​Leads to overeating

Because you are eating too fast and not paying attention to cues of your body, this can definitely lead to overeating. Overeating, in turn, can lead to unnecessary weight gain and other health issues. When you eat fast, the brain is not given time to realise that it is full, which makes you eat more food and thus more calories.

2 ​Increases your risk of obesity

Obesity is a global problem that is common in people who eat very fast. People who are obese often blame their will power, poor diet and lack of physical activity. If you are a fast eater, try to slow down a bit and then see the difference.

3 Poor digestion

Fast eaters usually take big bites and swallow their food without even chewing it properly. Sometimes, they even just gulp down food with water or other carbonated drinks. All this stops food from getting digested properly leading to bloating and indigestion.

4 ​Insulin resistance

Eating quickly can lead to a sudden spike in blood sugar, which can lead to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can lead to a rise in blood sugar levels, commonly called diabetes.

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How to slow down eating

Do not skip your meals

Stop skipping meals, because when you do that, you get excessively hungry, which leads to overeating and fast eating.

Do not eat in front of TV/mobile/computer

Sitting in front of the screen can distract you and make you lose track of how fast or how much you are eating. Practice eating mindfully.

Chew your food thoroughly

Do not just eat quickly, rather chew it properly before you swallow it. This will help improve your digestion, let you enjoy your food and slow down eating.