IPC to address issues of pharmacy professionals

Need of the hour is to introspect and bring new reformation to IPC to address contemporary issues of pharmacy professionals: Uday Bhaskar


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Expressing concern that the annual edition of Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC) has become a mere extravaganza for the pharmacy professionals, director general of Pharmexcil and Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association (IPCA) president Uday Bhaskar said that there is a need to introspect and bring new reformation to the IPC event so that it will address the contemporary issues and problems of pharmacy professionals and come out with new resolutions to address the same.

Giving his perspective on various aspects of organisation of 71st IPC, being held in Chennai from December 20 to 22, Bhaskar while speaking to Pharmabiz stressed that there is a need for the comprehensive reformation of IPC and focus on contemporary issues rather than just making it an event to spend gala time.

The Pharmexcil DG felt that there is a need to introspect and give a serious thought process on ‘how best the IPC can organise and how best it can address the issues with innovative ideas’ so that the participants feel the value of attending IPC with scientific expertise and outcome-based learning.

“We have been discussing this issue as to how best we can make IPC the best platform to address the burning and contemporary issues of pharmacy professionals. During the previous IPCA meetings also most of the members felt that there is a crying need to change the format by appointing experts, consultants to come out with alternative model and make it self-reliant and focus more on the science. The main agenda of proposed alternative model should be addressing the major professional issues on top priority along with advocacy issues with government,” observed Uday Bhaskar.

When asked about the theme for the 71st IPC, the Pharmexci DG said that in line with the thinking process of All India Drug Control Officers Confederation’s (AIDCOC) mission to achieve professional excellence through continuous training, better coordination among the drugs control officers and more interaction with fellow pharmacists to establish pharmacists and regulatory officers as vital link in the in the chain of healthcare delivery, this year the theme for the event is ‘Pharma Vision 2030: Healthcare System – Role of Regulators’. Through this theme the 71st IPC is expected to convey that the role of regulators in monitoring the quality and efficacy of the medicines has a pivotal role in the growth and prosperity of national healthcare.

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IPC to be held on Dec 20-22 at Chennai

The DG noted that there is an urgent need to take corrective steps to ensure IPC not lose its relevance and bring back the old tradition and status of the Conference. “We are organising Indian Pharmaceutical Congress since last 70 years and this is 71st IPC. It is undoubtedly one of the largest congregations of professionals in the country and it is really a proud moment for me to chair the 71st IPC as president, IPCA.

However, it is unfortunate that the present system of IPC is continuing as a tradition or as a legacy with sentimental values and is being organised extravagantly in ceremonial style. Year on year the congress is becoming mega in size with respect to delegates and budget but not giving any significant value addition either to industry, academia or to the pharmacy profession at large.

I have a concern about the format of IPC and I do agree that there needs to have a change in the organising format to address the contemporary issues of the Pharmacy professionals. Since last three decades though the entire world is taking new shapes in all the fields by dismantling the conventional and age old systems and adopting new methodologies in making to meet the objectives,” observed the IPCA president.

Expressing confidence that the IPCA will work seriously on developing a new model to conduct 72nd annual edition of IPC with the ideas discussed earlier, the DG felt that the future IPCs will certainly be a game changer.