Haryana: Two held for sex determination: Rs. 80k recovered

Two held for sex determination at Panipat, caught by Health Dept. and FDA Haryana: Rs. 80k recovered

PNDT MTP Ultrasound
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Two held for sex determination at Panipat, caught by Health Dept. and FDA Haryana: Rs. 80k recovered

Two caught by a joint team for sex determination on a foetus.

A special joint team of Health and FDA Haryana of districts Gurugram, Sonepat and Panipat have completed a successful operation by nabbing two persons indulged in sex determination. Rs. 80000 has been recovered from their possession

Sequence of the operation:


Civil Surgeon Gurugram constituted a team of Dr. Anil Gupta, Amandeep Chauhan, Drugs Control Officer, Gurugram and Dr. Shalki, Medical Officer, Gurugram after receiving a secret information about a nexus of people is running sex determination racket at Gurugram. The Gurugram police also accompanied the team.

Decoy Sanjay called tout Amit on his mobile and asked him to get the sex determination done of his pregnant wife. Amit agreed and asked for Rs. 80,000/-. A female got ready to become as decoy to help the team for this noble cause and became member of the team.

Amit told that his brother Kapil will come and will take Rs. 80,000/- and will take to get sex determination test.

Kapil along with decoy and Sanjay moved in the car and as they reached Kundli, Sonepat Civil Surgeon was informed suspecting that he may get the sex determination test done at Sonepat.

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Dr. Adarsh Sharma – PMO: Sonepat and Dr. Subhash Gahlawat – Dental Surgeon, Sonepat joined the team on the way following the vehicle of decoy.

The vehicle of decoy reached Panipat and kapil entered in a nursing home at sanoli Road, Panipat. Meanwhile Civil Surgeon Panipat was informed about the same.

Dr. Sunil Sanduja – PNDT Nodal Officer : Panipat and Dr. Sukhdeep: Medical Officer : Panipat  joined Gurugram and Sonepat team.

After sometime Kapil came out of the Nursing Home with a referral slip. He went to a diagnostic centre and came out after some time.

He disclosed that doctor had left and now will get the sex determination test done tomorrow.

PNDT MTP Ultrasound
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Kapil returned Rs.80,000/– to decoy and asked to bring tomorrow.

Kapil asked decoy and shadow witness that he will stay at Panipat and asked both to come tomorrow at 10: 00 AM sharp at Panipat.

Sanjay asked Kapil that his brother Subhash will come tomorrow.

The team came back to Gurugram

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At 7:00 AM team started following vehicle of decoy and shadow witness Subhash. On reaching Panipat Subhash called Kapil to which he asked that he will meet at Assandh Road and doctor is waiting to conduct Ultrasound.

On reaching Assandh Road Kapil came inside vehicle and moved on Asandh road, Panipat infront of a hospital.

Kapil took Rs. 80,000/- from decoy customer for sex determination test and hel went inside the Hospital and asked decoy “go and get the Ultrasound done, I will disclose the sex of foetus as you come out after getting Ultrasound done”.

Decoy went inside and after twenty minutes came out.

After 10 minutes Kapil disclosed the sex of foetus as male.

Decoy signaled the team by raising hand and team nabbed Kapil and recovered Rs.80,000/- these were the same numbered notes as handed over to decoy to get sex determination test.

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Decoy customer disclosed that he disclosed sex of foetus as male. Decoy disclosed that she asked doctor who was conducting Ultrasound to inform the sex of foetus to which doctor got afraid and scolded her.

The team then went inside the Hospital and met Doctor who conducted ultrasonography on her.

Doctor produced all the mandatory records under the provisions of PC & PNDT Act 1994 along with Card of Patient, OPD slip charging Rs. 800/- Referral and report etc.

Kapil said that he is not having any contact with doctor and he was cheating decoy by just telling male child and getting the simple Ultrasound done. Doctor also narrated the same as stated by decoy. Kapil gave his statement which was recorded at the spot.

The Watsapp chat between Kapil and Amit signifies that they both only are running this nexus and making fool of Public by telling lies to pregnant lady of male or female and in this making huge money for this heinous crime.

 The Police was called at the spot. Police arrested both Kapil and his brother Amit.

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