Cargo Zone adopts paperless system for clearance

Air Cargo Customs, Mumbai is very particular about quality checks of imported medicines from China.

Air Cargo Import Export
Picture: Pixabay

The Customs Mumbai Zone III of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Sahar has adopted complete paperless technology in a bid to provide uninterrupted services amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, for all import and export clearances, the office has made it mandatory to complete the required procedures online. To aid this purpose, it has created separate email addresses.

The aforesaid step was taken by the Customs Mumbai Zone III, after recording four positive cases of COVID-19 in the office premises. And, reportedly, in less than a week, the office has cleared more than 1500 consignments of import and export related to essential supplies of medical kits and devices, diagnostic reagents, critical medical instruments, pharma intermediates, bulk drugs, formulations, vaccines and other lifesaving medicines.

A source close to the development claims that after finding four positive cases of COVID-19 in the premises, the office has restricted outsider entries and has gone completely digital.  With complete tech adoption, the office is clearing all properly documented, valid consignments within 24 hours of application. For any deficiency in the application, it sends a query pertaining to the subject on the same day. And to minimise any possibility of spread of coronavirus in the premises, twice a day it carries out a full sanitisation exercise.”

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Venkatesh Puthran Karunakar, Director, Venky Logistics said, “The office has gone completely online and it really helps companies to get clearance for export and import in very less time. Although there are only two to three officers working in the office, they are ensuring that consignments are cleared on a priority, provided all the required documents are furnished by the applicants.”

According to an industry insider, the Assistant Drugs Controller of Air Cargo Customs, Mumbai is very particular about quality checks of imported medicines from China. He carries out the quality tests of all imported medicines under his supervision.”

The industry insider also recommended, “The way this office has quickly adopted digital technologies to fight the situation that has arisen due to the coronavirus pandemic should be followed by other port offices of the country.”

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