Infrared Gun thermometers backfire

One of the guards, who operates the units, said that there are actually no readings around 2pm


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NEW DELHI: The infrared (IR) gun thermometers had emerged as the first line of defence in fight against Covid-19 for big market complexes and residential colonies. However, due to the soaring temperature and incessant heat wave, many such devices are malfunctioning.

Gun thermometers backfire as mercury hits the roof in Delhi

During peak afternoon, when the temperature starts approaching 43-45 degree Celsius, the IR thermometers start giving faulty readings, several resident welfare associations have complained. South Delhi’s Navjivan Vihar has been using IR thermometers since March 25, but from last week they have been facing the summer burnout. Dr Ruby Makhija, secretary in the Navjiwan Vihar RWA, said “It doesn’t work when it’s above 40 degree Celsius. These thermometers are not designed for such harsh summers.”

One of the guards, who operates the units, said that there are actually no readings around 2pm. “We have been facing the issue from five-six days. When the reading stops in the noon, we keep it in shade to cool off for 30-40 minutes. Then it can be operated through the evening,” Montu Singh said.

Similar concern was raised by Shafali Mittal of Sarvodaya Enclave RWA. She said during day time, the IR thermometers start giving faulty readings and guards have been facing trouble in screening temperatures.

Rajiv Kakria from Greater Kailash RWA said that different RWAs have different view but problems have been reported by many. “Temperature screening has a placebo effect and there is no replacement to personal hygiene and protection. Temperatures can vary due to so many reasons and many people have reported the IR guns to be problematic,” he added.

Across Delhi’s western part, Raj Kumar Tarani, president of Janakpuri’s C2 block RWA said that it may be a matter of quality also. “Few thermometers are coming in the market which don’t have scanners but just pre-recorded setting on printed circuit boards,” he said.

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