Doctors donate blood to save lives amid COVID-19 pandemic

The initiative motivated their colleagues from other departments to do the same.

Picture: Pixabay

PATNA: The doctors of the surgical gastroenterology department of Bihar’s reputed Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) set an example, worth emulative to others in the medical fraternity, on Saturday. They donated blood to raise the stock in the institution.

The initiative motivated their colleagues from other departments to do the same. A couple of days ago, Dr Manish Mandal, HoD and superintendent of IGIMS, came to know that the stock of blood in the IGIMS had reduced amid the outbreak of Covid-19 from 800 bags to nearly 100 bags.

Dr Mandal, who is also an eminent gastrologist-cum-researcher, had appealed to his colleagues to voluntarily donate blood. Following this, all doctors and staff of IGIMS’s surgical gastroenterology department gathered and donated 20 bags of blood. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mandal made a call to the people to donate blood considering it as a God-pleasing humanitarian ritual.

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“Serving mankind is the real service to the almighty and that too when the humanity faces threats like Covid-19”, Dr. Mandal told an assembly of emotionally surcharged doctors and other health workers at the camp.

“Altogether 20 bags of blood collected and stored in the blood bank to meet the emergency situation”, Dr Mandal said. Impressed over this gesture, director of IGIMS Dr. NR Biswas thanked and lauded the doctors and appealed to all and sundry to donate blood.

The prominent doctors, who donated blood, are Dr. Manish Mandal, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Sujeet Kumar Bharti, Dr. Manish Shah, Dr. Saket Kumar, Dr. Amarjeet Kumar Raj, Dr Manish Kumar, Dr. Omprakash, Dr. Nishant Kurian, Dr. Saurabh Singla, and Dr. Venkat Rao.

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