Victory through Visualisation

It can be applied to any area of your life—health, finance, family, relationships, personal growth, jobs etc.

Victory through Visualisation

Victory through Visualisation

What if you have the power to change your life and health just by changing how your mind thinks and feels? Vitamin V is not a vitamin found in any fruit, vegetable, spice or supplement. It’s a vitamin within our power to cultivate and practice. It’s called Visualisation, and by far, it stands to be one of the most powerful drugs we have known in our practice, even beyond medicine.

It can be applied to any area of your life—health, finance, family, relationships, personal growth, jobs etc. 

Mind, thoughts, feelings and gene expression Your mind controls your gene expression or the way genes express themselves. Genes control everything from the way you look, your complexion, behaviour and habits, and a whole lot more. Each of us has a set of good and bad genes and these can either be up-regulated (turned on) or down-regulated (turned off). 

Factors that change gene expression could be internal or external. Speaking about internal factors, it could be wrong eating patterns, sedentary lifestyle, poor sleeping habits, smoking, and to a large extent, our emotions, including traumatic incidents that the person might have faced. All these factors can change the expression of genes. Emotions have the power to turn on and turn off certain genes.

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In this case, where our mind can turn on diseased genes, it can also turn off genes by simply changing the way we think, considering every human being has this power. Visualisation helps here. It lies in the power of your mind, particularly the subconscious mind. This part of the mind doesn’t operate from a place of reason or logic. It operates based on what you train it to do. 

The subconscious doesn’t understand the difference between the real and the imagined, and when it comes to healing, preventing or managing a disease or emotional health, we can use this to our advantage. One can reprogramme the subconscious exactly the way one wants. People have known to recover from stage four cancer using this. 

How to practice visualisation

1. Centre yourself with deep breathing while keeping your back straight and chin parallel to the ground
2. Close your eyes and imagine a black or a white canvas in front of you. It could also be a screen or a plain blue sky.
3. Using your mind, paint a picture of what you want. For example, if it’s cancer that you want to heal, imagine sick cells dying and healthy cells thriving. 
4. Imagine your immune system as an army of strong soldiers protecting you 
5. Visualise going to a doctor for a scan and walking out of the hospital with a clean scan report
6. Imagine yourself and your family smiling at this news. 

Sometimes deep visualisation puts a smile on your face. If it happens, let it. Once the visualisation is done, surrender what you visualised. Don’t think about it anymore. Leave it with faith. Open your eyes and let that vision float. Do it for as long as you want. Repeat daily.

By Luke Coutinho
The author is a Mumbai-based holistic lifestyle coach—Integrative Medicine

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