How to lose 34 kg in 100 days

Secondly, we must drink plenty of water which helps to detox our body

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HYDERABAD:  I’m Lutf Khan from St Mary’s College, Yousufguda. The lockdown introduced me to my new ‘me’. I must confess that bingeing on a lot of junk food and sugar in my college life and the sedentary life during the lockdown took my weight to 106 kg.

I couldn’t have imagined my life worse than this when carrying my own weight became difficult for me. I wasn’t prepared to continue living in this body. I kept browsing the internet the big moment occured when I came across Dr Eric Berg’s YouTube Channel. 

I kept following his plans which were basically intermittent fasting which increases the HGH in your body which boosts your metabolism and keto diet which makes you burn your body fat rather than burning carbohydrates.

One Meal A Day

I combined these two and started doing OMAD which is One Meal A Day! When I started doing OMAD I started seeing a drastic change in my weight, I started to lose weight and now I knew I could nurture my dream and passion for acting and filmmaking. 

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I workout once a day and this comprises 40 minutes of cardio and 20 of mild weight training in my home in Banjara Hills. My current weight is 72 kg. I lost 34 kg in three months after lockdown. I had no coach, but I followed Dr Eric Berg and Beer Biceps from YouTube. 

I am much more energetic and feel great inside out. There are some facts which we all should know about beyond Keto and intermittent fasting. The plan that I took up helps in insulin resistance – because of eating sugar and too many carbohydrates frequently, the insulin spikes up which completely stops your weightloss and slows down your metabolism.

Secondly, we must drink plenty of water which helps to detox our body! Next is to eat protein-rich  foods which help us feel full for longer period of time satiating out hunger pangs. It is important for us to maintain a caloric count . This is what I started eating and shall continue to do so – two egg whites, chicken breast, green vegetables and whole wheat chapatis. In keto your total carb intake should be less than 50 grams! My mantra: Stay healthy, stay awesome.  

by Arthi Sreenath

A Hyderabadi collegian tells us how he followed Dr Eric Berg and Beer Biceps from YouTube and some common sense weightloss tips to be where he is today
(As told to Arthi Sreenath)

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