Demand for homeopathy medicines up

The demand for homeopathy medicines is rising not just at government homeopathic centres

Homeopathy Medicine
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BENGALURU: For the past six months, Krishnamurthy, a bank employee and the sole earning member of his family of six, has been spending Rs 2,500 a month to buy homeopathic medicines as a precaution against C-19. 

Krishnamurthy and his family, who live in Malleswaram, have been taking these medicines since the lockdown was imposed. They are not the only ones, say homeopathy practitioners and Ayush officials. 

The demand for homeopathy medicines is rising not just at government homeopathic centres, which supply them free of cost, but even at private clinics, say homeopathy practitioners and Ayush department officials. 

Meenakshi Negi, Director Ayush Department, said the demand for homeopathic preventive medicines has increased as people find that they do not have side effects and are cheaper than others.

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“The number of people lining up outside OPDs in Bengaluru and in other districts is rising. Doctors are also advising patients to take home remedies and that is also helping patients win their trust and they see no other problems,” she said.  

“Many patients who would come for cold and cough medicines are now taking preventive C-19 medicines. There is more faith as depending upon the age, the patient’s medical history, and other factors, the medicines are prepared and given,” said Dr Pramod K, a homeopathic medical practitioner in Rajajinagar. Doctor Vijay P said people prefer this form of medication also because unlike in Ayurveda and allopathy, there are no restrictions on diet. 

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