New handbook for doctors released

It was simultaneously released at a function here by MM Philip, secretary of the Madras Medical Mission.

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New handbook for doctors

CHENNAI: The Handbook of Renal Transplantation in Developing Countries was released on Monday at the Madras Medical Mission hospital by Dr Tamilisai Soundarajan, governor of Telangana, from the Raj Bhavan in Telengana.

It was simultaneously released at a function here by MM Philip, secretary of the Madras Medical Mission. This handbook is an initiative by Dr Georgi Abraham, director -Nephrology, Madras Medical Mission, and Dr Anusha Rohit, head, Microbiology and senior consultant, MMM.

It attempts to bridge the knowledge gap between the knowledge and practices of the West and people of South Asia, taking into consideration the increasing number of transplantation programmes within the South Asian region. The authors include those that started the successful transplantation programme in India and South Asia, along side leading transplant scientists from the united kingdom, Canada and therefore the US who run successful transplant programmes in their countries.

Over 15 authors are from Madras Medical Mission, Chennai. Dr Anusha, co-editor said, “The handbook will help standardise the critical gaps in knowledge on the choice process, clinical assessment, immunology workup, transplant surgery, immunosuppressive therapy, and diagnosis of transplant kidney dysfunction and infections.

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It provides the link between the knowledge that’s available in Western literature with what are often ethically delivered in developing South Asian countries. Overall, it’s assimilated and organised all relevant information, pairing the science of transplantation with clinical practice.” Prof Dr KV Johnny and Prof Dr K Soundarajan, who were among the contributors to the handbook, and Dr Yuhanon Mar Diascoros, president, MMM, also addressed the gathering.

The book includes

The book has over 26 chapters that include topics like pregnancy and transplantation, legal aspects of transplantation, management of infections and infection control posttransplant and ethics in transplantation.

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