NMC: Advisory on external examiners for MBBS exams

The college/university must try to adhere to the existing norms regarding external examiners from other states.

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Last Updated on May 29, 2022 by The Health Master

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued advisory on the relaxation of norms for appointing external examiners and conduct in regulations of Graduate Medical Education, (1997) for MBBS exams after re-opening of medical colleges post C-19 pandemic.

According the advisory, in the first instance, the college/university must try to adhere to the existing norms regarding external examiners from other states.

“If option A is not feasible, universities are advised to follow one of the following options with respect to external examiners for the MBBS examinations considering the risk stratification of the areas where the medical colleges are located, if external examiners are not available from outside the state due to the pandemic,” the Commission added.

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In case of states having all medical colleges under the same university, the State Health University, medical colleges may engage external examiners from any other college under the State Health University.

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The Undergraduate Medical Education Board of the NMC has considered various representations received from colleges requesting an extension of relaxations in the appointment of external examiners for the conduct of university examination for MBBS course by the Board of Governors in supersession of MCI,” NMC stated.

NMC added that external examiners to be selected from a different university in the State. These external examiners have to be physically present at the venue of the examination.

There have also been requests seeking clarification on the number of examiners required to check the theory scripts during the university examinations.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) aim is to improve access to quality and affordable medical education, ensure availability of adequate and high quality medical professionals in all parts of the country; (promote equitable and universal healthcare that encourages community health perspective and makes services of medical professionals accessible to all the citizens; encourages medical professionals to adopt latest medical research in their work and to contribute to research; objectively assess medical institutions  periodically in a transparent manner.

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