Mixopathy will lead to confusion among public: IMA

Each has been in vogue for several decades and they have their own pool of patients.

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Last Updated on February 16, 2021 by The Health Master

Strongly opposing the Central government’s move to allow Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy Post Graduate (Ayush PG) students to conduct surgeries under 53 categories, the members of Indian Medical Association (IMA) said that this will lead to a state of confusion among the public and may also have dangerous repercussions on healthcare.

The IMA members and practicing allopathic professionals are already on a relay hunger strike since February 1 to protest against the central government’s notification to allow mixopathy.

Now the IMA members and practicing doctors resolved to further continue their strike until and unless the central government comes out and declare its decision to take back its notification on implementing mixopathy in India.

Picture: Pixabay

Continuing their relay hunger strike for the 11th day in Hyderabad, the members of IMA expressed their doubts and concerns that the central government’s order to implement mixopathy (mixing the allopathic stream of medicine with that of the Ayush stream) may lead to dangerous repercussions on the healthcare of the people.

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“Even though the IMA and its related bodies and medical professionals who are practicing allopathic medical from across Telangana are on a hunger strike, the central government has not even shown its slightest interest to resolve the issue raised by the IMA.

We are not in a mood to relent to the central government’s tactics and will keep on continuing our fight by constantly educating the people about the perils of mixopathy and go on continue to protest until the government takes back its orders on implementation of mixopathy,” observed Dr P R Saikumar, a leading ENT surgeon and past president of ENT Association.

While explaining as to why the IMA is opposing the implementation of mixopathy, the ENT surgeon said that different medical streams like modern Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy all have their own distinct method of teaching and practice.

Each has been in vogue for several decades and they have their own pool of patients.

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With the release of central government’s notification to allow teaching surgery to Ayush doctors and that too for a very short duration of just 6 months as against 3 years of surgical education for the allopathic professionals, it will definitely have adverse and bad implications.

“Learning surgery in a short span of 6 months is not possible. Particularly the use of anesthesia during surgery is a very important procedure that needs to be conducted before performing any surgery on patients.

It takes more than 5 years for an MBBS to understand and learn this and one spends another 3 years to get excelled as super specialty doctor in surgery after MBBS.

Understanding this complicated nature of surgical procedure by Ayush doctors is not that easy as their education curriculum and teaching does not relate to detailed aspects of surgery,” observed Dr. E Vijayender, another IMA member from Telangana.

Reiterating their opposition against implementation of mixopathy, the IMA members expressed their doubts that it will lead to more confusion and if practiced, chances of uneducated people going to the wrong doctor for high end surgeries will increase and further deteriorate the quality of healthcare to the public.

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