Fresh pharmacy professional: jobs increases in Pharma Mfg, Mkt and R&D

Pharmaceutical field is an evergreen promising avenue.

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Last Updated on February 24, 2021 by The Health Master

Qualified pharmacy freshers see uptick in job opportunities as pharma industry presents its options in R&D, manufacturing and marketing.

There are also openings for pharmacovigilance, clinical data management, software coding, e-pharmacy, data analytics, graphic designers, digital marketing associates, content writers and web developers.

Pharmaceutical field is an evergreen promising avenue. This pandemic has brought to the fore the capability and strengths of the sector which was made possible only with the qualified pool of workforce.

According to Prof. Srinivasan, department of pharmaceutics, East Point College of Pharmacy, industry is ready to hire now.


During the early days of the pandemic, for at least three months, there were no job opportunities in the sector. Recovery for job openings is imminent. 

But the pace of hiring is not like pre-C-19 levels. Even though there are vacancies, many companies are not hiring.

Yet 80 per cent of the freshers prefer to join a pharma industry as jobs are secure and enable career growth.

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Other job opportunities

Other job avenues in pharmacy are software related, pharmacoviligance, clinical data management and hospital pharmacy indicating constant demand for qualified pharmacists.

There are several job opportunities abroad too, said Prof. Srinivasan who also has a floated a job portal: which is free of cost and has placed pharmacists in many companies both in the industry and hospitals in many countries.

Prof R Raveendra, head of the department of pharmaceutical chemistry, RR College of Pharmacy, said that the fast paced growth of the pharma industry does not seem to be an attraction for many freshers.

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The preference currently is data entry for clinical research, e-pharmacy and pharmacy chains. Even information technology companies are requiring pharmacists for developing analytical tools for drug discovery among others.

TeamLease EdTech in its latest report on ‘Career Outlook Report Feb-Apr 21’ provided an in-depth analysis, on hiring intent of employers, job profiles in demand, skills that fit the job roles and courses that can help fresh job seekers with actionable information for the period February- April, 2021.

From a job-role point of view, while corporates are keen to hire freshers across job roles, business development and sales professionals, graphic designers, digital marketing associates, content writers & web developers are scaling up fresher’s presence, across sectors, said Shantanu Rooj, founder & CEO, TeamLease EdTech.

“Despite the C-19 pandemic, hiring of freshers continues to be on a strong growth trajectory. For the period February-April, 2021, freshers hiring intent has improved by 2.5 times from the lockdown period and as the economy opens up, it is expected to go up further,” he added.

Employers expect freshers to be equipped with domain skills like product/service advertising, data analytics, web/mobile app development and spreadsheet skills. Additionally, they also expect freshers to possess soft skills like reasoning, analytical thinking, complex problem solving, active learning and critical reasoning.

Neeti Sharma, co-founder and president, TeamLease EdTech, said, “While the optimism for freshers hiring is growing stronger, what candidates need to understand is that employers are extensively looking for talent with specialized skills.

Of late, regular degree courses are not completely adequate for honing skills amongst freshers. In fact, most of the sought out jobs profiles for freshers requires additional learning and freshers need to constantly invest in up-skilling themselves and staying ahead of the curve.

The need of the hour is not just hone domain skills but also soft and niche skills.”

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