FAQs – on Alcohol (in Pharma Industry)

FAQs - on Alcohol (in Pharma Industry)

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FAQs – on Alcohol (in Pharma Industry)

Picture: Pixabay

Q 1.  What are different types of Alcohols used in Pharmaceutical Industries?

Ans. Three types of Alcohols are used in Pharmaceutical Industries:
1. Ethyl Alcohol
2. Denatured alcohol
3. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

Q 2. What are different names of Ethyl Alcohol?

Ans.  Four different names of Ethyl Alcohol as under:
1. Ethanol
2. Rectified spirit
3. Natural spirit
4. Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)

Q 3. What is manufacturing process of Ethyl Alcohol?

Ans. Ethyl Alcohol is manufactured by fermentation process in Distillation plants.

Q 4. Which Alcohol is used in Pharmaceutical Industries to manufacture liquid orals?

 Ans. Ethyl Alcohol is used in Pharmaceutical Industries to manufacture liquid orals.

Q 5. Is Ethyl Alcohol safe to be consumed orally?

Ans. Yes, it consists of 96% Alcohol (Ethanol) and 4% water.

Q 6. What type of Alcohol is used by the Homeopathic drug manufacturers?

Ans. Ethyl Alcohol

Q 7. What are different names of Denatured Alcohol?

Ans. Three different names of Denatured Alcohol as under:
1. Methylated spirit
2. Wood spirit
3. Surgical spirit.

Q 8. How Denatured alcohol is prepared?

Ans. Ethyl Alcohol is mixed with other chemicals (dye-pyridine, methanol, etc.) to make it unfit for human consumption.

Q 9. Where Denatured alcohol is used?

Ans. To manufacture external preparations in Pharmaceutical Industries.

Q 10. What is the meaning of Absolute Alcohol?

Ans. Ethanol with 100% purity.

Q 11. What is the use of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) in Pharmaceutical Industries?

Ans. Isopropyl Alcohol IPA is also called Rubbing Alcohol and it is used to manufacture Sanitizers etc.

Q 12. Who issues quota for Alcohol?

Ans. Excise Department on the recommendation of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Q 13. Whether Ethanol and IPA are official in IP?

Ans. Yes.


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