Major boost in Mfr of medicine and medical equipment

The medicines made in the State are not only being supplied to other states of the country but also are being distributed abroad

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Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government is boosting the manufacturing of medicine and medical equipments in Uttar Pradesh in a big way.

The government is also increasing the output of hydroxychloroquine, oxygen cylinders, sanitizers and testing kits to scale up C-19 testing in order to ensure that ‘adequate’ and ‘affordable’ health services are provided even to the poorest of the poor.

According to the government spokesman, along with its effective C-19 management, Uttar Pradesh has also extended support to 27 other major states by providing them sanitisers and other medical equipment for treatment.

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The medicines made in Uttar Pradesh are not only being supplied to other states of the country but also are being distributed abroad. Along with this, Remedesivir and Tosilizumab injections are also being provided in a sufficient quantity in the state.

As the C-19 pandemic widens across the world, there has been a sudden interest in an anti-malarial and anti-inflammatory drug called hydroxychloroquine which is being termed as ‘game-changer’ in the fight against C-19.

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With Uttar Pradesh having the capacity to quickly ramp up the output of hydroxychloroquine, Yogi Adityanath has given a nod to a pharma company established in Amroha to manufacture hydroxychloroquine which will further boost the availability of the medicine in the state.

Uttar Pradesh has also increased the oxygen producing plants from 23 to 40 which are producing approximately 33,600 Oxygen cylinders per day.

To bridge the gap between demand and supply, the government has also installed central oxygen plants in the hospitals to eliminate the shortage of jumbo oxygen cylinders.

The UP government has been mobilizing resources as per their increasing demand along with the decision of producing them in the state.

Meanwhile, VTM tube manufacturing units are also to be set up in the state.

VTM (Viral Transport Medium) Tubes used for C-19 testing will now be produced in four manufacturing units of the state.

To meet the increased demand of the VTM tubes, the UP Government has granted the license for the production of viral transport medium (VTM) tubes in Lucknow, Noida and Ghaziabad in the state.

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Prior to the C-19 virus pandemic, there was not even a single manufacturing unit of VTM tubes in the state.

The hand sanitiser producing units in the state have also been increased from 86 to 151 since February, 2020.

A total of 65 new sanitiser producing units have been set up in the state.

The state government has engaged itself in the immediate purchase of equipment like PPE kits, High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC), Ventilators, Oxygen cylinders to provide ICU care.

The spokesman said that the state health department also installed ventilators in government run district hospitals in each of the 75 districts and made provisions for two lakh isolation beds and ensured ample supply of sanitizers in even the extreme corners of the state.


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