DCI issues advisory on holding examination by Dental colleges

No specific time frame is prescribed for the examination.

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The Dental Council of India (DCI) has issued advisory on holding undergraduate and postgraduate examination-2021 by the dental colleges/universities and to appoint external examiner.

“This is regarding the difficulties being faced in conducting the examinations in UGIPG dental courses, due to the prevailing pandemic and many teachers are unwillingness to be the examiners Consequently, the final year examination of UG/PG dental courses, are being delayed in many dental institutions,” stated DCI.

Accordingly, the Executive Committee of the DCI, has decided that the colleges/universities shall conduct their theory examinations for both UG and PG strictly in accordance with the norms prescribed by the DCI without deviating from the existing provisions for the purpose and also maintaining the uniform standard of examination.

These theory examinations shall be conducted by such institutions and universities with their due compliance of the advisories, guidelines, instructions, etc. issued by the Government of India, respective state government and district administration, from time to time so as to prevent from spreading C-19.

Picture: Pixabay

No specific time frame is prescribed for the examination. The examination shall be conducted at suitable time as and the normalcy in the respective state/district is restored.

DCI added, “As per scheme of clinical and practical BDS examination, as contemplated/prescribed in the existing Revised BDS Course Regulation, 2007, the practical and clinical examinations should be evaluated by two examiners of which one shall be an external examiner appointed from other universities preferably outside the State, Each candidate should be evaluated by each examiner independently and marks computed at the end of the examination.

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Similarly, for MDS clinical and practical examination, Regulation 19 of the Dental Council of India,Master of Dental Surgery Course Regulations, 2017, inter-alia, provides for four examiners in each subject.

Out of them, two (50%) shall be external examiners and two (50%) shall be internal examiners. Both external examiners shall be from a university other than the affiliating university and one examiner shall be from a university of different state.”

The council added that since, the dentistry is clinical and skill oriented profession and involves the patient care, therefore, all the institutions/universities shall make its best efforts to make available the flow of patients to assess the skill and clinical expertise of a student. But, during the clinical and practical examination of the student, the dental institution/universities shall comply with all Covid-19 protocols on infection control and patient care.

However, certain clinical procedures which load to generate aerosol, can be substituted by using hand instruments, air-motor or micro-motor equipments, but, again with due compliance of the advisories, guidelines, instructions, etc: issued by the Government of India, respective state government and district administration, from time to time.

DCI has also decided to permit the examiners as per options as external examiner(s) to be selected from a different university in the state with their compulsory physical presence at the venue of the examinations, in case option (I) above is not possible, one of the two external examiners to be selected from a different university, who would be physically present at the venue of the examinations and the second external examiner from another different university outside the State who would participate through video-conferencing and if option (ii) is also not possible, both the external examiners may participate through video-conferencing.

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