Black fungus can be prevented with Ayush medicines: Experts

As there is a large surge in the black fungus infection cases being witnessed among the severely infected C-19 cured patients

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Experts from Ayush department of Telangana have claimed that Ayurveda and Unani formulations could help in preventing the spread of black fungus among the cured C-19 patients.

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As there is a large surge in the black fungus infection cases being witnessed among the severely infected C-19 cured patients in Telangana and across various parts of India, experts from Ayush department have claimed that the black fungus infection disease can be prevented by using Ayurveda formulations and even Unani formulations could be used as prophylactics for C-19 patients, which would help boost their immunity and possibly can prevent subsequent black fungus infections among the vulnerable patients.

According to Dr V S Alagu Varshini, director of Ayush, there are many Ayurveda and Unani formulations and preparations which can be given to C-19 patients upon discharge as such preparations can purify blood and act as food supplements and immunity boosters and can help prevent subsequent black fungus infections among the cured patients.

Usually, among those severely infected C-19 cured patients, experts revealed that due to excess use of steroids and various medications it weakens body’s immune system and thereby giving scope for rise of other hidden diseases, and black fungus is one which is widely infecting the C-19 cured patients.

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 “Not all, but those patients whose sugar levels are increased beyond limit and their body immunity are compromised due to excess use of steroids, in such patients there is an increase chance of emergence of black fungus infection. Though there are various allopathic medicines and disease control protocols to cure the deadly disease, however using Ayush formulations and herbal preparations from Unani can defiantly help in keeping the disease at bay,” observed Varshini.

However, Dr Varshini said Ayush and Unani have no particular cure for black fungus, but again some of its nasal drops from their medicinal system can help clear the passages in the nose prevent the pathogens that cause black fungus.

Experts from modern stream of medicine observed that though certain preventive formulations from Ayush may help in temporarily reliving the patients from the black fungus infection, but again it is not advisable to rely on unproved and non-scientific medications. “We need to have scientific evidence for nasal drops of Ayush formulations that claim to work against invasive fungal infections,” observed an ENT expert from Sarojini Naidu Eye Hospital.


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